Best and Worst States to Retire Rich

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  • Jane’s Friend

    This chart is so stupid because of what is being recommend Is totally irrelevant to what needs to be looked at like safety for instance they say Arkansas is one of the top ten when in fact the last earthquake to happen there shook the White House I think it is the largest on scale and the Mississippi actually flooded much of the area with run off. You really need to pause before you believe everything you read. No wonder it is not recognized by the advertiser.

  • C. “Dirka”

    The problem with this listing is this: I just gives you the state, it doesn’t explain why each state is where it is on the list. I have done extensive research into this subject as I am preparing for my first retirement (from Fed service) and I compiled my list from multiple sources, and utilized 6 categories of which focused on 27 aspects of each state (8 of which were subjective and removed in the listing below):

    Best Ten: 1. Iowa, 2. Idaho, 3. South Dakota, 4. Utah/New Hampshire (tied), 5. Virginia, 6. Wyoming, 7. Nebraska, 8. North Dakota, 9. Maine/Mississippi (tied), 10. Montana

    Worst Ten (as in 50 to 41): 1. California, 2. Maryland, 3. New York, 4. Arkansas/Oregon (tie), 5. Nevada, 6. Hawaii, 7. N. Carolina/Florida/New Mexico (tied), 8. Alaska, 9. Delaware, 10. New Jersey

  • Rita

    What about the states not listed, like Nevada?

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