15 Best AARP Discounts and Membership Benefits: Cash In on These Deals

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With 38 million members and counting, AARP, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, is an advocate for retirees in all the fields that matter most to the organization.

From healthcare to protections for the elderly, plus retirement and employment benefits, AARP lobbies on behalf of its members. Membership provides access to important information and coordinated benefits, which include AARP discounts.

Joining AARP is simple. Once you turn 50, memberships are available for just $16 a year. Savvy bargain hunters often find sign-up incentives that offer a lower yearly rate for auto-renewals. After completing your membership form, you’re eligible for AARP discounts and deals. Check out some of the best below.

Stay Healthy With AARP Health and Wellness Benefits

Knowing that healthcare is important to many retired people, AARP prioritizes health and wellness benefits. Members can benefit from insurance plans created by AARP, including the following:

  1. Delta Dental insurance: Get dental coverage from Delta Dental Insurance Co. for yourself or your family as an AARP member. With a multitude of plan options available, choose a premium that works for you and get coverage for the cleanings, X-rays and dental treatments you need the most. Monthly costs vary, but they can be as low as $28.58 per person, depending on your location and the plan you select.
  2. EyeMed vision care: Get quality vision care from AARP MyVision Care via EyeMed for as low as $4.38 a month. EyeMed offers three plans, all of which feature a low $10 co-pay and comprehensive eye exams. Plans can also cover loss-of-sight benefits and diabetes benefits.
  3. UnitedHealthcare insurance: You can’t miss the AARP Medicare-eligible plans offered through UnitedHealthcare. From the AARP Medicare Supplement to the AARP MedicareRx plans, mix and match coverage from UnitedHealthcare to get the health insurance you need. The Medicare Advantage plan with UnitedHealthcare offers $0 co-pays at the doctor’s office and on prescriptions.

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Save With AARP Insurance Offerings

Your health isn’t the only thing worth insuring. AARP makes it possible for members to get discounts on other necessary insurance, including car, property, life and more.

  1. The Hartford car insurance: AARP members save an average of $449 when insuring their vehicles through the AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford. Stack discounts, including up to 10% off the first premium, home and auto bundling, and the online quote discount.
  2. The Hartford home insurance: AARP members save up to 20% when they insure their home through The Hartford. Unlock savings when bundling with car insurance. Customizable policies cover house or condo properties. Reach out for a free quote.
  3. Life insurance from New York Life: Protect your beneficiaries when you use your AARP membership to qualify for up to $100,000 in term life insurance. A man in his early 60s could pay $171 a month for $100,000 of coverage. Choose from several options, including Easy Acceptance Life Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, and Level Benefit Term Life Insurance to get the coverage amount and length that meet your needs.
  4. Motorcycle insurance from Foremost: You’ve been waiting to buy your Harley for decades — so insure it properly now that you’ve got it. Use your AARP membership benefits to cover your motorcycle, safety apparel and equipment. Get assistance for trouble on the roadside and even towing. Prices vary based on how high your insurance score is, but AARP members benefit from low rates.

Retire Comfortably

Enjoy Retirement With AARP Entertainment and Restaurant Discounts

Save on your dinner-and-a-movie night when you opt for AARP membership benefits. Apply these to a multitude of national restaurants and entertainment providers so you can have a night on the town without breaking the bank. Enjoy some downtime doing the things you love and paying the price you want.

  1. Savings at Outback Steakhouse: Don’t feel bad about ordering the prime rib, because you can get 10% off your bill with this AARP discount. It’s valid for dine-in service, curbside takeaway or delivery, so you can enjoy your meal for less thanks to your membership benefits.
  2. Denny’s discount: Anywhere you go you’ll find a Denny’s where you can apply your 15% off AARP discount. Save on your Grand Slam breakfast with this benefit.
  3. Popcorn and a movie from Regal: Save on both concessions and movie tickets from Regal with these AARP deals. Combine your Regal Crown Club and AARP memberships to save $3 on a drink and popcorn combo. When you buy your movie tickets online, save up to 20%.
  4. Audiobooks from Audible: Spend your afternoons listening to new and exciting stories when you use your AARP benefits to save on a monthly or yearly membership. New members save $2 a month on a monthly membership, while all members can save $30 on a yearly membership.

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Go Further With AARP Travel Discounts

AARP members enjoy coverage wherever they are thanks to their travel discounts. These keep you protected even while you’re traveling abroad. Now that you’ve got time to see the world, see it safely and affordably.

  1. Vacation packages from the AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia: Save up to $349 by booking through this helpful portal. Apply individualized discounts, including 10% off at hotels or 30% off on car rentals with your AARP membership when booking through Expedia.
  2. Flight discounts from British Airways: Before you take off on the runway, take off $65 to $200 from the cost of your flight. When you become a World Traveller, World Traveller Plus or Club World member, apply these discounts to flights to over 130 countries including in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  3. Collette guided tours: Make sure you see all the sights when you reach your destination with the help of Collette guided tours. With tour offerings up to seven days long, you can save up to $100 per person. Collette offers 160 different tours on all continents — that’s right, including Antarctica.
  4. Car rentals: AARP offers a variety of discounted car rentals, including those from Avis, Budget, Zipcar and more. Enjoy 30% off on base rates for individual rentals plus complimentary upgrades or a 43% discount on a yearly Zipcar membership.

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Good To Know

AARP also offers travel planning and resources that can help you book risk-free travel. Before heading off to your trips, check out its free AARP destination guides and use your login to access travel content available only to AARP members. Exclusive articles, podcasts and more can help you get familiar with a location before you arrive.

Michael Keenan contributed to the reporting for this article.

Data is accurate as of April 26, 2021, and is subject to change.