7 Best Places To Retire in Mexico

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The ability to afford retirement in the U.S is far from a guarantee; in fact, many Americans struggle to make ends meet during their golden years. According to the recent Anytime Estimate Retirement Finances Survey, half of Americans don’t have enough savings for retirement.

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There are tons of ways to build up your retirement savings, but for some there may just not be enough time left (or saleable assets available) to accrue the required liquidity. Additionally, who wants to scrape by when they can finally enjoy their lives sans jobs? 

It might just be time to head to Mexico, where you can find a number of beautiful and budget-friendly destinations to hang your fedora — and pick up your margarita.  

Here are seven great spots to retire in Mexico.

Retire Comfortably

Mérida, Yucatán 

Estimated cost of living per month: $1,600 per person 

“Beyond the typical answers like affordability, Mérida wins if you want a mix of culture and conveniences,” said Jenita Lawal, a travel curation specialist and life design strategist. “There is a Costco, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Sears, Pandora, OfficeMax [and] restaurants like PF Chang’s, Texas Roadhouse, Friday’s, Chili’s and even IHOP.

“Merida is also full of wonderful cultural events, music, baseball — Go, Leones! — and places like the Merida English Library and Habla that host events meant to connect expats and locals.”

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San Miguel de Allende 

Estimated cost of living per month: $1,700 per couple 

“Most Americans who choose to retire in Mexico opt for San Miguel Allende,” said John Hubbard, the founder and CEO of Urban Dare. “That’s because it offers a temperate climate all year round. Low-cost and high-quality healthcare is also available. The town is full of doctors, dentists and clinics that are well respected in the medical community.” 

Retire Comfortably


Estimated cost of living per month: $1,300 to $1,600 per couple

“Retirees looking for a lower cost of living as well as the perks of a resort area often choose Mazatlán, which is on the Mexican Riviera,” said Joe Cronin, president of International Citizens Insurance. “It’s one of the safest places in Mexico. It has great beaches, exciting activities and expansive cultural amenities.”


Estimated cost of living per month: $600 per person 

“I would recommend retiring to this area because it’s rich in its culture and it’s not overly busy,” said Dave Sayce, CEO of Compare My Move. “While there’s plenty to do, the pace of life is slower. There are so many picturesque places to visit here, and it’s known for its fantastic fish, too.”

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Estimated cost of living per month: $1,000 to $2,000 

“Cozumel is perfect for retirees (who) are moving abroad for the first time,” said Julien Casanova, the creator of Cultures Traveled. “The established tourism industry means there are a lot of comforts from home. At the same time, the tropical atmosphere, the beautiful beaches and the buzz of island life ensure a fun adventure for retirees.”

Retire Comfortably


Estimated cost of living per month: $1,200 per couple 

“Durango is a large, sophisticated city with great weather and a high standard of living that’s still relatively undiscovered by expats,” said Kathleen Peddicord of Live and Invest Overseas. “Nestled in a valley high in Mexico’s western Sierra Madre range, Durango’s surroundings look like what we think of as the Old West, and more than 140 Hollywood movies have been filmed in the surrounds.”


Estimated cost of living: $1,430 to $1,930 per couple 

“Those looking for charming colonial architecture with a vibrant culture that’s more Mexico than spring break should turn their gaze towards Oaxaca,” Peddicord said. “It offers a moderate climate, reasonable prices, flight connections to the States and high-quality healthcare.

“In its bustling Centro, you’ll find colorful colonial buildings and even more colorful clothing and wares from the various indigenous groups that call the area home. This city is surrounded by mountains, making for a stunning backdrop and plenty of opportunities for adventure.”

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