How One Woman CEO Defeats This Common Financial Fear

"Learn to say no."

Even as a successful businesswoman, Jean Chatzky’s life isn’t worry-free. As the CEO of and financial editor of the “Today” show, Chatzky shares the same fears about money and work-life balance that many working people do.

“I have fears about running out of money later in life that are not at all unusual to women,” Chatzky told GOBankingRates.  “I have fears about not being able to work as long as I’d like to work.”

Not having enough money later in life is one of the biggest money concerns for older Americans, with more than half fearing they’ll outlive their retirement savings. But Chatzky refuses to let her fears control her. Her solution? Have a plan.

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“I calm my fears by saving enough money for every single goal on my list in a very organized way and doing what makes me feel powerful, and independent and able to put those fears at bay.”

Although Chatzky might prioritize savings, many Americans do not. In fact, 42 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, according to a recent GOBankingrates studyIn addition, the majority of people said they can’t afford to save because they don’t earn a high enough salary.

Chatzky understands that life can be uncontrollable, but learning to identify your priorities now will help you get to your goal in the long run.

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“The idea that we can have this miraculous, clean, organized, balanced life just doesn’t work — it’s a juggle,” Chatzky said. “And you’ve got to figure out what your priorities are and learn what to say ‘no’ to so that you can actually get to the things that are important to you, important to the people that you love and important to your community.”

Check out the full video to hear all of how Chatzky navigates and conquers financial fears.

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