Invest in Yourself

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Name: Josh Felber


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How are you planning for your retirement? What are you doing to create a path to be successful for your family and for yourself? We’re going to take the next 50 seconds to talk about that.

One of the things that I do — the very first thing — I invest back in myself. I invest in myself through training. I invest in myself by making sure I have the right knowledge. I have the right mind set to become successful, to generate income, to generate revenue and to generate profits for myself and my family.

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So, I want to challenge you. What are you doing to invest back in yourself? What are you doing to push yourself to the next level of high performance, high achievement?

As I start to generate profits, as I start to generate additional revenues, I take and I swipe all those out. I live broke every day, and make sure I’m putting my profits back into different vehicles that are going to help me become successful, and have money put away for later in life. That may be through real estate, through commercial real estate, potentially the stock market through different indexes and things.

And so, that’s what I do to start planning for my retirement. Now what are you going to do?

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Invest in Yourself
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