Social Security: Mark These Dates on Your Calendar Now

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Social Security payments are going to be a little larger this year — a total of 5.9% more, thanks to the largest cost-of-living adjustment increase in almost four decades. Surging inflation and unrelenting supply chain pressures have forced the Social Security Administration’s hand in increasing benefits for seniors by an average of around $100 a month. Keep reading to see when you’ll get yours.

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This is when you can expect your payments to hit each month:

January 2022 Payments

February 2022 Payments:

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March 2022 Payments:

April 2022 Payments:

May 2022 Payments:

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June 2022 Payments:

July 2022 Payments:

August 2022 Payments:

September 2022 Payments:

October 2022 Payments:

November 2022 Payments:

December 2022 Payments:

The increase went into effect Jan. 1 for Social Security beneficiaries and Dec. 30 for SSI beneficiaries.

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