What Is the Social Security Red Book and How Will It Change in 2022?

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Social Security’s Red Book is a general reference source containing work incentives available to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients. The Red Book was primarily written for educators, advocates, rehabilitation professionals and counselors who serve people with disabilities.

Every year, Social Security makes updates to the Red Book, typically to the dollar thresholds of the work incentives. Here’s what’s in store for 2022:

Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)

SGA is used by the Social Security Administration to describe a level of work activity and earnings and is a factor used to decide if someone is eligible for disability benefits. For persons with disabilities other than blindness, the SGA amount is $1,350 per month. For those who are blind, the SGA amount is $2,260 per month.

Trial Work Period (TWP) Months

TWP is a period during which you test your ability to work while still being considered disabled. The monthly earnings amount that is used to determine if a month counts as a TWP month is $970 per month in 2022.

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Federal Benefit Rate (FBR)

The FBR is the amount of money that the federal government provides for SSI recipients. For 2022, the FBR is $841 per month for an eligible individual and $1,261 per month for an eligible couple.

Student Earned-Income Exclusion (SEIE)

The SEIE allows a person under the age of 22 and regularly attending school to exclude a specific amount of earnings per month up to the maximum of $8,230 per year or $2,040 per month.

Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance

The monthly Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance base premium is $499 and the 45% reduced premium is $274.

Medicare Part B Supplemental Medical Insurance

Part B Supplementary Medical Insurance’s monthly base premium is $171.10; however, this can be higher depending on your income. 

Medicaid While Working

The Social Security Administration increased the Medicaid While Working State Threshold Amounts for persons with disabilities for 2022. The amounts for each state can be found at SSI Only Employment Supports online.

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