Clickworker Review: Is It a Good Way To Make Money?

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Quick Take: Clickworker is a crowdsourcing platform where freelancers can earn extra cash in exchange for taking surveys, searching for data, writing descriptions of products and completing a variety of other microtasks. The tasks that are available on the platform are straightforward to execute, making Clickworker suitable for those who are looking for ways to make some easy money online.
  • Earnings Potential
  • Payout Process
  • Pay Per Task
  • Email Support
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  • Simple and easy tasks that can be executed by anyone
  • A freelancer only needs a stable internet connection and a smartphone to complete tasks.
  • Flexible working hours because you can do these jobs whenever you have some free time
  • A good source of income for people who are looking for a side gig but do not have any professional qualifications


  • Depending on your social and educational background, you might not have many tasks available to you on the Clickworker platform.
  • You need to reach at least $10 in your Clickworker account to be able to invoice for the same via PayPal.
  • Many jobs are low paying.
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Clickworker Overview

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing services provider that helps clients tackle complex tasks by breaking them down into smaller microtasks that are executed by freelancers. The company serves clients that require large amounts of data, such as photos, videos or text. Freelancers help in processing the data and completing tasks that computers cannot because the cost of equipment or programming is usually very high, according to the company’s website.

Clickworker notes that its vast network of freelancers can benefit customers that are lacking in the human resources needed to complete specific tasks on budget and on time. According to Clickworker, over 3.6 million freelancers have registered on its platform.

After signing up as a freelancer, you will be guided to a language skills page where you’ll need to choose the language that you are proficient in. Freelancers need to take assessments and qualify to be eligible for the jobs that are available on the platform.

The amount of time required to complete a job depends on its nature. Some tasks need to be completed within a specific period, and if you cannot complete them within the stipulated time, the job will be canceled.

Make Your Money Work For You

Key Features

Here are some of the features you should consider to help you decide whether freelancing through Clickworker is right for you.

Earnings Potential

The amount of money that you can earn from each job depends on its difficulty and the average time required to complete it. The earnings potential also varies based on how much research is involved and whether a project requires any special skills.

You have a chance at making good money from Clickworker if you invest a lot of time in it. However, its website notes that you should not consider it as an alternative to a full-time job.

Payout Process

Clickworker offers the following payment options:

  • PayPal: This option is available in most countries. Clickworker completes the bill run each week, between Wednesday and Friday. The amount needs to be at least $10 or €10 to be eligible for payment. If the amount is less than that, it will be carried over to the next cycle.
  • Payoneer: This is the payment method recommended by Clickworker. It’s available in most countries but is not an option for those in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. The bill run is completed on a weekly basis, between Wednesday and Friday, and amounts greater than €5 are considered eligible for payment.
  • SEPA: This method, which involves a direct transfer to your bank account, is available to those who live in Europe. The bill runs for this option are completed between the first and third days of every month and then again between the 15th and 17th.
Make Your Money Work For You

Pay Per Task

Rates for tasks usually range between a few cents to two-digit dollar amounts. Clickworker notes that complex tasks usually require more time for initial setup and familiarization, but the time investment is worth it because they pay higher.

Email Support

Submitting a ticket on the Clickworker platform is a fairly simple process. You must enter the details of the problem that you are facing, and you can also choose to attach screenshots. You can also check the status of your ticket in the meantime to get updates on it.

UHRS Platform

Universal Human Relevance System, or UHRS, is a similar website that offers micro-jobs. Clickworker has an integration with UHRS that gives Clickworker users access to UHRS jobs. You have to complete the UHRS assessment and create a LiveID to sign in to UHRS. The access is granted through the Clickworker platform for eight hours, after which it is disabled and you have to repeat the sign-in process to gain access.

How Clickworker Stands Out

Clickworker’s platform has a variety of available jobs that are suitable for all kinds of people. It is a great micro-job site that can help you make money by completing simple tasks like answering surveys or analyzing data. It also offers Clickworker Lounge, an exclusive forum where freelancers can reach out for support and find answers to their questions.

Make Your Money Work For You

Comparable Options

There are a lot of options for making some extra cash if you have free time. Here are some alternatives to Clickworker that can help you earn money by completing microtasks.

Clickworker vs. OneSpace

OneSpace has numerous legitimate opportunities for people who specialize in graphic design, transcription and business writing. You get daily payments after your work is approved. Unlike Clickworker, the types of jobs that are available on the OneSpace platform are more suitable for skilled people. This makes it less accessible to a wider variety of freelancers.

Clickworker vs. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as MTurk, is a microtask platform that’s similar to Clickworker. You can complete tasks like transcribing audio recordings or identifying details in videos or photos in your spare time to earn some extra cash. For those who are concerned about the safety of similar but lesser-known platforms that are out there, Amazon’s brand name might be a source of comfort.

How To Sign Up for Clickworker

Registering to use the Clickworker platform is quite simple and can be done through its website or mobile app. You have to choose your country and provide all the necessary details to proceed with the registration process. In order to receive payments and prove that their account is legitimate, freelancers in the U.S. must provide their Social Security number or an employer identification number.

Make Your Money Work For You

Who Clickworker Is Best For

Clickworker is a great platform you can use to make some extra cash if you are between jobs or have a lot of free time that you can spend in front of your computer or smartphone. It can be considered a good side gig, but keep in mind that it’s not an alternative to full-time employment.

Is Being a Clickworker Worth It?

Clickworker offers multiple types of microtasks to the freelancers on its platform. However, many users have complained that there are not enough jobs available on the site or app all the time, which makes it unreliable for those who want a steady source of income. The pay per job is not adequate to sustain yourself, and it will take a long time to make some good money on the Clickworker platform. If you have plenty of free time for it, Clickworker can be a worthy way to make some easy bucks online, but it’s not suitable for anything more than that.


  • What does a Clickworker do?
    • Clickworkers can earn money by completing microtasks such as taking surveys, data processing, researching, writing and translating.
  • How do I qualify for a job on Clickworker?
    • After registering, you can choose from a pool of tasks on the Clickworker platform. According to its website, the types of tasks that will be available to you will depend on your language abilities, education and interests, as well as the results of your qualification assessments and previous work assessments.
  • How do I get the most out of Clickworker?
    • You have to complete the registration process and qualify for all of the assessments to make the most out of your Clickworker account. This will ensure that you get access to the best and highest-paying jobs on the platform.
Make Your Money Work For You

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