Hungryroot Review: Food Delivery and Meal Kit Combo

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Quick Take: Hungryroot is a meal planning and food delivery service headquartered in New York City. The company aims to make healthy eating easier for busy people. Customers simply take a short food quiz to have healthy groceries and meal prep instructions delivered to their door. The service starts at around $70 per weekly delivery. Hungryroot offers a reasonable option for those looking for a convenient way to incorporate healthy foods into their diet.
  • Price
  • Meal Kit Completeness
  • Number of Meal Options per Week
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  • Reasonable pricing considering food quality
  • A convenient way to eat healthy foods
  • Plenty of meal options to choose from
  • Personalized recommendations based on Hungryroot's food quiz
  • Cancel or pause orders at any time


  • The cheapest plan comes out to about $11.66 per serving, for six servings, making Hungryroot more expensive than grocery shopping.
  • Some online complaints suggest customers received poor-quality food.
  • Complaints are also critical of Hungryroot's customer service.
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Hungryroot Overview 

Hungryroot is a meal kit and delivery service that positions its services as the easiest way to eat healthy. The company’s meal kits start at around $70 per week and increase in price the more you order. The total cost per serving typically ranges from just over $10 per serving to $8.49 per serving. 

The company offers ingredients including:

  • Fresh produce
  • Premium meats and seafood
  • Plant-based proteins
  • Grains and pasta

Although there are plenty of meal kit delivery services, Hungryroot distinguishes itself by offering snacks as well as meals. You don’t just get breakfast, lunch and dinner; you can even order healthy snacks. Additionally, Hungryroot’s food quiz matches you with meals according to your preferences.

Key Features

When it comes to a meal kit delivery service, there are three key features to pay attention to. Those include pricing, the completeness of the meal kits and the variety of offerings each week. Read on to find out how Hungryroot stacks up in these areas.


When it comes to price, Hungryroot falls in the same category as most meal kit delivery companies. When you order a small number of meals, you can expect to pay just over $10 per serving. However, as the number of servings increases, the price drops — to around $8.49 per serving. Although this is competitive, it’s not the lowest price you’ll find

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Meal Kit Completeness

Most meal kit companies provide just that: meal kits. However, Hungryroot takes its services a step further. You can also order snacks, sweets and other healthy options for eating between full meals. Every ingredient you need will be in your box.

Number of Meal Options Available per Week

Hungryroot has thousands of recipes to choose from, many of which you can prepare in under five minutes. Unlike many meal kit delivery services, Hungryroot sends full packages of your items, not just the amount intended for your chosen recipes. This can be a positive or a negative, depending on whether you find a way to use the extras. 

How Hungryroot Stands Out

Hungryroot stands out in a few areas:

  • Hungryroot’s food quiz provides relevant recommendations.
  • The company’s focus is on healthy foods.
  • You get access to plant-based protein options.

Personalized Recommendations

This is one of the areas where Hungryroot really shines. The first step of the signup process is a food quiz. As you go through the quiz, Hungryroot asks several questions about your food habits and preferences. The quiz even includes questions surrounding your eating goals. Once you complete the quiz, Hungryroot makes personalized, high-quality meal kit recommendations based on your likes, dislikes and eating goals.

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Comparable Meal Kit Options

To decide if Hungryroot is right for you, compare it to other popular meal kit options.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of the world’s largest meal kit providers, with more than 465 million meals shipped to date. However, it is also on the pricey side, and some of the recipes might be intimidating to those not used to cooking.


HelloFresh promotes itself as the most popular meal kit delivery service in the United States. It also offers highly competitive pricing, with meals as low as $7.49 per serving. Although it offers a choice of at least 30 recipes per week, it doesn’t compete with Hungryroot’s personalization.

How To Sign Up for Hungryroot

Follow these steps to sign up for Hungryroot.

Getting Started With Hungryroot

  1. Click the “Sign Up” button on Hungryroot’s homepage.
  2. Take the food quiz.
  3. Create your account.
  4. Select your delivery options.
  5. Pay for your first delivery.
  6. Enjoy meals shipped to your home.

Who Hungryroot Is Best For

Hungryroot is a strong option if you’re looking for a more convenient way to handle meal prep and planning. It’s also great if you’re interested in healthier food options and a variety of flavors.

Make Your Money Work For You

On the other hand, you’ll pay more with Hungryroot than you will to grocery shop and cook your own recipes, so it’s not a great option if your priority is to save money.

Final Take

Hungryroot is a compelling meal kit service for the right customer. If you’re interested in taking the stress out of mealtime and want to try healthier options, consider signing up for the service.


Find the answers to some of the most common questions about Hungryroot below.
  • How much does Hungryroot cost monthly?
    • Hungryroot plans start at $70 per week and go up from there, depending on the amount of food you order per week -- so you'll pay at least $280 per month.
  • Is Hungryroot black-owned?
    • Hungryroot is not a black-owned company. Ben McKean founded the company, and he maintains his position as CEO.
  • Does Hungryroot have meat?
    • Yes Hungryroot offers a wide range of ingredients, including meat, fish, vegan and vegetarian options.
  • Do people lose weight with Hungryroot?
    • Hungryroot doesn't design its meals to promote weight loss, but it is an easy way to eat healthy and you can list weight loss as one of your priorities in the food quiz.
    • Multiple people have posted content on social media suggesting that the meals they received were in line with their weight-loss goals. This was true even in content that wasn't 100% positive about Hungryroot.

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