Market Chameleon Review: A Stock Market Research Tool

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Quick Take: Market Chameleon is a powerful research platform that traders and investors can use to uncover trading opportunities. The platform has plenty of helpful tools and scanners that cover the market as a whole. There's also a free 7-day trial available for all of Market Chameleon's premium plans.
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What Is Market Chameleon?

Market Chameleon is a trading research platform for uncovering U.S. stock and options trading opportunities. The platform has a plethora of tools that investors and traders can use to analyze trade strategies. Some of Market Chameleon’s most powerful tools include stock and options screeners, earnings research and volume reports.

How It Works and What’s Included

Market Chameleon has many different features traders may find helpful. However, these tools have distinct access points based on the plan you choose. Here’s what you can expect with this platform.

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Stock Research

The Market Chameleon stock trader tool comes with plenty of features. For instance, traders can see outperforming stocks in the market, top gainers and losers for the trading session, market movers, stocks with unusual trading volume and those that have gapped up or down. You can also find the dividend aristocrats with the highest yield.

The platform also lets traders look at market order imbalances for all stocks per trading day. Plus, it has built-in pre-market and after-hours screeners that traders can use to filter stock market data quickly. Screeners are also available for event-driven stocks, insider trades, significant money stock flow and seasonal patterns for individual stocks.

Options Research

Market Chameleon has a flexible research tool for investors looking for options trading opportunities. This research tool has lots of invaluable features that options traders can use to improve their strategies. For example, the unusual options volume scanner allows traders to find stocks with higher trading volumes than expected.

The platform also has an interest scanner that displays stocks with high, moderate or low implied volatility for the current trading day. You can also view the top bullish and bearish stocks in the market with the order flow screener.

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The options research tool comes with many other screeners, including vertical spreads, single-leg strategies, butterfly and condor. Each screener is designed to help you generate maximum profits by refining your trading strategy.

Earnings Research

Market Chameleon has a comprehensive earnings calendar to help you find several opportunities during and after earnings reports. The calendar displays overvalued and undervalued stocks around the period of the earnings release.

The calendar also includes earnings based on stock and options screeners, which can help users find lucrative opportunities. What’s more, you can customize this tool to meet your desired needs. For example, you can choose to look at earnings for stocks within your watchlist or stocks with earnings released on a specific date.

Custom Stock Watchlists

The Market Chameleon platform offers the ability to create a vast number of watchlists. You can personalize your watchlists based on the stocks and options you’re interested in. In addition, you can customize email alerts based on your watchlist.


This is a free tool for every plan Market Chameleon offers. This feature pulls press releases for various companies, so you get all the information you need. Plus, you can filter the newsletters you receive based on your watchlist.

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Cancellation Policy and Cost

Market Chameleon offers five pricing tiers: Starter, Stock Trader, Options Trader, Earnings Trader and Total Access. The Starter plan offers free access with a few basic features, but you can still track your preferred stocks and get newsletters.

Service Level Price Features
Starter $0 -Dividend announcements intraday
-Stock tracking
Stock Trader $39/month -All stock and options research tools available
-Dividend suite
Options Trader $69/month -Options research platform
-Research tools for the options market
Earnings Trader $79/month -Earnings based research tools
-One-of-a-kind reports and screeners
Total Access $99/month -Full suite of products and tools available
-All reports and screeners unlocked

At $39 per month, you can access the Stock Trader tier, which provides most of the features and tools you need as a new trader. However, it has limited access to earnings and options research tools.

If you’re looking for a plan that offers access to nearly all the tools Market Chameleon provides, you may want to consider Options Trader or Earnings Trader, which cost $69 per month and $79 per month, respectively.

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The Total Access plan comes at a higher cost compared to other tiers. At $99 per month, you’ll get access to every product Market Chameleon offers.

High Legitimacy

Market Chameleon is a legitimate platform as it offers comprehensive tools for finding stocks and options trading opportunities. Plus, there’s a free trial, so you can determine if the platform works for your needs before committing to a subscription.

Is It Right for You?

While Market Chameleon provides comprehensive tools, it would be best to have prior knowledge of stocks and options in order to parse all of the information effectively. Otherwise, the learning curve will be very steep, and you might be better off with a less involved platform.

Final Take

Whether you’re a stock trader or options trader, Market Chameleon can help you scale your trading. If you’re hesitant about investing in this platform, there’s a 7-day free trial for all of its premium plans. You can also choose a plan that suits your needs based on the many features offered. This will help you figure out if the platform provides adequate value for your money.

Market Chameleon definitely caters more to people who have been trading stocks and options for a while. It will be pretty hard to get the most out of your subscription if you’re a new trader, but the trial option provides a risk-free route into the platform for the curious.

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