Chase United Club Infinite Card Review

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Quick Take: The Chase United Club Infinite Card is squarely targeted at heavy United travelers, who can reap huge rewards in terms of miles and perks. For the casual flyer, however, the annual fee will likely seem much too high.
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  • Good sign-up bonus
  • United club membership
  • Opportunity to earn extra miles in different categories


  • High annual fee
  • Benefits only worthwhile for heavy United flyers

Chase United Club Infinite Card Overview

There’s no doubt that the Chase United ClubSM Infinite Card is targeted squarely at the heavy United flyer. To pay a $525 annual fee on any card, users should demand a heavy return, and tons of value can be generated from this card for the frequent United flyer. After receiving the first year’s bonuses, however, the average traveler may not derive as much from this card as top-tier elite United customers. 

Key Features

The Chase United Club Infinite Card provides a wide range of benefits, but its highest-rated features are as follows:


As United flies to literally hundreds of destinations across the globe, you can likely use the rewards the Chase United Club Infinite Card offers on nearly any journey you take. The high number of destinations where you can utilize the card’s perks helps improve its value. 

No Foreign Transaction Fees

Whether you use your Chase United Club Infinite Card at a foreign website or at an actual overseas location, you won’t pay any foreign transaction fees on your purchases. Many other cards charge a 3% foreign transaction fee, which could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Total Number of Rewards

As befitting an expensive, top-tier credit card, the Chase United Infinite Card offers a large number of rewards. If you’re in the position to afford the fee and utilize all of the card’s benefits, it will likely score highly in your own personal evaluation as well. 

Rewards Rate Factor

Although the Chase United Club Infinite Card has a high annual fee of $525, it still scores well in terms of the ratio between the rewards it provides and the fee it charges. 

How the Chase United Club Infinite Card Stands Out

Although the Chase United Club Infinite Card has some additional benefits, the standout perk is the complimentary United Club membership. This membership alone is worth up to $650 per year, which dwarfs the $525 annual fee with room to spare. But for United frequent flyers, the perks keep coming, including two free checked bags, 4x miles on United purchases, 25% off in-flight purchases, a $100 statement credit every four years on Global Entry or TSA PreCheck and United Premier Access services, which includes priority boarding, check-in and handling privileges. This package makes it the best available United card option for heavy United travelers. 

On top of these well-publicized benefits, the Chase United Club Infinite Card comes with a broad range of ancillary travel perks as well, with limits that are enhanced over those offered by lower-tier Chase and United Cards. The impressive list of benefits includes the following:

Trip Cancellation or Interruption Insurance

Trip cancellation or interruption insurance is generous with the Chase United Club Infinite Card, at up to $10,000 per person and $20,000 per trip.

Baggage Delay Insurance

Baggage delay insurance pays up to $100 for up to three days in the event your luggage is delayed by at least six hours.

Lost Luggage Reimbursement

Lost luggage is covered up to $3,000. 

Trip Delay Reimbursement

If your flight is delayed by over 12 hours or requires an overnight stay, you’ll receive up to $500 per ticket for unreimbursed expenses, such as meals or lodging.

Visa Infinite Concierge Services

Visa Infinite Concierge services provide 24/7 access to personalized assistance for everything from travel planning to dinner reservations and event tickets, 365 days per year. 

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

Unlike with some other credit cards, the auto rental coverage offered by the Club Infinite Card is primary, not secondary. 

Purchase Protection

Your card will cover your new purchases for up to 120 days from theft or damage, up to $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per year. 

Extended Warranty Protection

The card will automatically extend your U.S. manufacturer’s warranty by an additional year, on eligible warranties of three years or less. 

Comparable Chase United Credit Card Options

Chase and United have teamed up to offer a wide range of credit cards for travelers, strategically arranged into four tiers. The bottom tier is occupied by the no-fee United Gateway Card, while the United Explorer Card fills the entry-level tier. The mid-tier United Quest Card is the next step up, while the top tier is occupied by the United Club Infinite Card. Here’s a look at how the Explorer and Quest Cards compare with the United Club Infinite Card.  

Chase United Explorer Card

As an entry-level card, the United Explorer Card offers fewer high-value perks than the Club Infinite Card. However, the fee for the Explorer Card is just $95 — waived for the first year — as opposed to the Club Infinite Card’s $525. So, on a comparable basis, which type of traveler you are will determine which is the better option for you. In most cases, the casual traveler will prefer the Explorer Card, as the high price of the Club Infinite Card is mainly due to its United Club membership. But even though the Explorer Card is much cheaper, it still provides cardholders with one free checked bag, 2x miles on United purchases and a $100 credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck every four years.

The Explorer Card also offers many ancillary travel benefits, from lost baggage protection and auto rental coverage to trip cancellation insurance. If you don’t need full United Club membership but think you could still take advantage of 2 United Club passes per year, the Explorer Card may be a better choice — and you’ll get a sign-up bonus to boot.

Chase United Quest Card

The Chase United Quest Card is closer in features and benefits to the Club Infinite Card, but an important distinction is that the Quest Card offers no lounge access. However, for a $250 annual fee, you will receive $125 per year in United purchase credits, 3x miles on United purchases, two free checked bags per flight and a sizable sign-up bonus.

You’ll also receive many of the same extra perks as the Club Infinite Card, including a $100 Global Entry or TSA PreCheck credit and ancillary travel benefits like trip cancellation or interruption insurance, lost or delayed baggage protection, rental car coverage, purchase and extended warranty protection. If you’re not looking for lounge access but still enjoy flying on United, the Quest Card can be a decent option, as it carries an annual fee of just $250 vs. the $525 of the Club Infinite Card. 

How To Apply 

Applying for the Chase United Club Infinite Card is easy on the Chase website. You’ll need to provide both financial and personal information, from your Social Security, annual income and employment status to your name, address and date of birth. Applicants are often approved instantly online, while others may take 7-10 business days for additional verification. 

Who the Chase United Club Infinite Card Is Best For

The Chase United Club Infinite Card is clearly best for frequent United travelers that prioritize United Club lounge access. If you’re set to buy that Club access anyway, the Club Infinite Card essentially offers all of its additional perks — from 4x miles on United purchases to free bags to its large sign-up bonus — for free. Although the card can still offer significant value for frequent United flyers, it’s best used by those looking to spend lots of time in United lounges. 

Final Take

The hefty $525 annual fee of the Chase United Club Infinite Card outweighs most of the benefits of the card for the average traveler, but for those looking to buy United Club lounge access at a discount, it can offer tremendous value. 

United Club Infinite Card FAQ

  • How much is the United Club Infinite Card?
    • The United Club Infinite Card charges a $525 annual fee.
  • What is the United Club Infinite Card?
    • The United Club Infinite Card is the top-tier card in the Chase and United lineup, designed specifically for those looking for United Club membership.
  • What credit score is needed for United Club Infinite?
    • As the United Club Infinite Card is the top-tier premium credit card in the Chase and United stable, you should expect to have a high credit score to qualify for it. However, Chase doesn't specifically publish its credit score requirements for any of its cards.
  • How does the United Club Card work?
    • The United Club Card provides United Club membership and all of its perks in exchange for a $525 annual fee. Club membership is activated 2 weeks after you open the card, and a United Club membership card is sent out 6 weeks after account opening.

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