Best and Worst Deals at Costco This Christmas

Find out how to stretch your dollar at Costco.
  • ObjectivelyModerate

    Does the person writing this article actually shop at Costco and other stores? Dairy products are cheaper at Aldi. Fresh Produce is one of the most expensive things at Costco. Meat and Poultry is also more expensive if you buy the items on sale at the local grocery store. The sizes for paper products are larger than at grocery stores and end up being cheaper. DVD TV Series or movie combos are far better than amazing (single movie prices are not). Cereal and condiments are generally more expensive but the monthly deals offered at Costco make certain items cheaper.

    • trent farrell

      meat is way tooo much.wacth your prices at iga

  • Tony Clifton

    The author has some of this backwards. First of all the $110 executive membership is a better deal than the $55 basic membership because you get a rebate check every year based on how much you spend. If you don’t get more than $55 back you probably don’t need to have a Costco membership anyway. We routinely get more than $110 back every year so our membership is free. This is an average family with two kids and three cats. Some produce is a great deal and some isn’t. It depends on if you can eat it before it goes bad. Many of their offerings are in packages that are too large for an average family. I like fresh green beans, but not every night for a week! Eye glasses are cheaper at Costco than the optometrist’s office but much more expensive than on line eyeglass stores. Two of their best deals are over the counter drugs and pet food. How about a year’s supply of Zyrtec or Claratin for $15? Great deal. Have you ever priced Iams cat food? You can get Costco’s Super Premium cat food for about $15 for 25 lbs. This is the good stuff, where the first ingredient is meat not corn. Laundry detergent is much cheaper at Costco. Snack foods are much cheaper at Costco. If you have teenagers, it won’t go to waste. If you have the storage space, paper products are a better deal at Costco. Who doesn’t have room for 30 rolls of toilet paper? If not you probably won’t have a Costco membership anyway.

    • trent farrell

      if you think otc drugs and bad pet food is good for you………well too bad for you.snack food?mm you feed your family well.and at such a good price too.have you ever researches whats in iams pet food.its no wonder your cat goes to the vet too many times.

  • Tavi Horowitz

    Perhaps Laura Woods’ advice to us in this article was minimized in order to fit into the slide show format that you’ve used here, but I must say that at first glance, the simple list of good and bad items that she provides here has little to recommend it without giving us her reasoning.

    Without that, most careful, regular Costco shoppers, who also comparison shop at other stores, know that she is mistaken about some of her good items, and also mistaken about her bad items.

    Here’s her list:

    01. Dairy Products
    02. Gift Cards
    03. Fresh Produce
    04. Eyeglasses
    05. Baking Ingredients
    06. Wine
    07. Meat and Poultry
    08. Gasoline
    09. Bakery and Deli Items
    10. Hot Dog and Soda

    11. Personal Care Products
    12. Diapers
    13. Packaged and Dry Goods (ex. cereal)
    14. Laundry Detergent
    15. Books & DVDs
    16. Feminine Hygiene Products
    17. Designer Clothing
    18. Condiments
    19. Snacks
    20. Paper Products

    Of these, several of the items that are good should be in broader categories. Wine, for example, is not the only thing that Costco generally prices well. Liquor and beer are also fairly reliably low-priced, with frequent on-sale items on usually high-margin items (for example, a $40 dollar discount on the price of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky.)

    But other items in the good list, such as gift cards, are not necessarily good deals. Major branded cards, like Apple iTunes store cards, are sold at face value. Which don’t make them a good deal. Other cards, such as multi-year memberships at 24-Hour Fitness, are sold at attractive discounts (30% off) which make them a very good deal.

    As for items in the bad list, it’s hard to understand why Laura has put some of them there, as they certainly could be moved to the good list, based on pricing alone. Packaged and Dry Goods (such as breakfast cereal), Laundry Detergent, and Paper Products (such as toilet paper and paper towels) are all Costco pricing staples, and consistently are some of the better products to buy from Costco when shopping cost-effectively.

    This article should be republished with more of Laura’s reasoning behind her decision to categorize these items as good or bad purchases, otherwise, as it stands, it’s a poor consumer guide and does most people a disservice.

  • Ethical Vegan

    So where the hell IS the damn article?!?!?

  • Pat Kittle

    Speaking from long experience, this “worst deals” advice about Costco products is mostly useless. Or worse.

    For example, laundry detergent doesn’t go bad in 6 months — that’s ridiculous. Same with lots of “personal care” products.

    Another — to find a book you see at Costco at a thrift store you’d have to be particularly lucky & have a lot of free time on your hands. Not that thrift stores are bad mind you, just that a current title at Costco isn’t likely to already be on display at a thrift store.

    As for DVD’s, I bought “The Hobbit” at Costco right after it was released, cheaper than I found it anywhere else.

    As for “best deals” — the author must have skipped over the aisles with sporting gear, musical instruments, and tools, where the bargains are incredible.

    And try & find organic rice milk & soy milk anywhere as cheap as Costco.

    And all with Costco’s superb no-hassle warranty & 2% limited rebate. (No, I am not being compensated for saying this.)

    • henryrii

      I really like their organic butter .

  • AzureMatty

    Crappy graphics/text. Tried to see the text on 3 different computers and still doesn’t work.
    Worst Deal at MSN: Trying to read the article

  • Cheryl Stout

    The bad list contains some good bargains, especially if you purchase the Costco brand, Kirkland. The products are very good quality. We purchase the paper products and over-the-counter items, such as aspirin, vitamins and minerals and fiber and laxative products, whose label ingredients match exactly the ingredients in the well-known brand names. We buy the bread and freeze a loaf. Things like Laughing Cow Cheese are packaged in single-serving sizes and keep quite a while in the refrigerator. Condiments are also in sizes that can be used by 2 people before expiring. The clothing we have purchased has worn and washed well. We also purchase the eco-friendly liquid laundry detergent & have had no problem with it before we used it all. We have been shopping Costco for many years, including our gasoline purchases, and use the rebate to pay our membership fee..

  • Stevie

    Costco EmergenC is much better deal than anywhere else. Mountain High yogurt is awesome. I wish they carry that at every Costco store.

  • Scull

    Have you seen how fat the average Costco customer is these days?!!!!
    large quantities = large stomachs, diabetes and hospital bills – that we all now pay for.
    only in America.

    • trent farrell

      right right right……..andhow about all those otc drugs mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Lee Takamiya

    Where’s the roasted chicken?

  • Chantillybabe

    Swarovski at Costco is much less than jewelry stores, including Swarovski stores

  • Chantillybabe

    You can find items cheaper at large chain grocery stores if you watch the flyers carefully. e.g. When butter goes on sale at a grocery store, you may find it $1 cheaper than Costco. But, as I said, you have to watch the flyers carefully to spot the bargains, i.e. you need to know approximate prices of the items you’re buying