10 Cheapest States to Raise a Family

  • tommyk63

    This is perhaps one of the most ridiculous surveys and conclusions to ever appear on the internet. To say California is one of the cheapest states in America to raise a family is incomprehensible and grossly misleading.
    To say that certain government family leave benefits is enough to offset some of the highest real estate costs and the highest tax burdens and the highest insurance rates in the country is absurd. GoBankingRates should be ashamed.

  • deon c.


  • ppolak2

    Survey done by Liberals, for Liberals. California being cheap to live, Bwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It is #2 behind NY for TAXES, GASOLINE, HOUSING, FOOD due to EnvironMENTAL regulations, etc… The surveyor of this article should be in the unemployment line immediately!

  • Jacob Rose

    The inclusion of California does seem a bit odd. After thinking about it a bit more though it does make sense. Income is on the average much higher here. Rent for the most part unless you live in LA, SF or Silicone Valley isn’t terrible. Personally I live in Sherman Oaks which is about 20 minutes (with traffic) from Hollywood and Downtown LA and I pay $1950 for a 2 bedroom. Mind you though I get paid $16/hr at my job that lets say in the south would be somewhere near $10-$12 at most. So yes CA is expensive but considering the difference in income it does make up for it. Now considering the amount of time off for family leave this furthers their point. Just saying it is odd but it makes sense after you think about it.

  • Eddie G.

    California is cheap?? No way, Jose`. I left California in ’99 and went to Wyoming to care for my elderly parents until they died. Never liked the winters ever since I was a kid so I came back to the West and dropped anchor in Vegas. Both Nevada and Wyoming have no state income taxes, business taxes, et al. It’s ok to own a gun and buy without limits or waiting periods, a bonus freedom from California’s socialism due to Democrat rule. Overall cost of living has been way less than California. We pay $900/mo rent for a nice 2 bdrm apartment in Henderson,NV with all the amenities, swimming pool, gym, the works. The article was written by a California loving liberal sheeple.