10 Most Expensive States to Raise a Family

  • twynn

    I KNOW this is NOT correct. There is NO way in hell that California is cheap to raise a family by ANY metric. The housing costs in Cali are obscene. The cost of vehicle fuel and home energy is obscene. The regulations have strangled businesses, so much so that they are leaving in droves. The unemployment rate in California? They are the ninth worst in the nation! Solid blue collar towns (i.e. working families most likely with children) throughout the state are near or at double digits! Want to talk about taxes? Families don’t pay any, correct? Nope they are the second highest in US.
    Mandatory entitlement programs don’t even come close to compensating families for the lack of opportunity and massive expenses sucking them dry in the Bear Republic. This is so absolutely skewed, I’d have to say it, like all of the other related “studies” performed by these folks are probably designed in California by Governor Brown’s spin doctors to tell everyone that everything is fine there. Think of Kevin Bacon in the Animal House movie trying to calm everyone down at the end by telling them nothing was happening and everything was fine. Sorry guys, I know the costs in California. I have four kids and would be bankrupt and without my own home in California. New Mexico ain’t perfect, but economically, it is far better for a family here than there!

  • twynn

    On Taxes (from Top Ten States with Highest Taxes, Eric McWhinnie, September 01, 2015)

    #2 California
    Average Annual State and Local Taxes: $9,509
    Difference from National Average: 36 percent
    Adjusted Rank by Cost of Living: 50

    Sunshine and ocean waves come at a steep price. California ranks as the second worst state for taxpayers, with the average burden totaling $9,509. In comparison, Nevada has an average annual state and local tax bill of $3,370, third lowest in the nation. California is considering a tax overhaul that could increase revenue by $10 billion a year. Last year, voters in Berkeley passed the country’s first soda tax, charging consumers one penny per ounce on sugary drinks.
    BTW… Iowa (#9), Vermont (#7), and Nebraska (#3) are also on this top ten list.

    • Elle K.

      The study heavily weighs “Family and parental leave laws” as a metric for judging cost. They don’t explain how they are weighed either. It’s clearly a study with an agenda beyond just preventing facts, probably something to further increase paid leave laws in states.

      The other studies I’ve seen put Cali and New York at the top of the list and these small states nowhere near. I’d be more inclined to believe those. Here, credibility is certainly a problem.