Romance Is Free With These 21 Creative Date Night Ideas

Dazzle your partner for free with these creative date night ideas.
  • This is a great reminder, Donna! Quality time with your sweetie does not have to be dinner out. A lot of these things we already do as a couple but we don’t think of them as dates. Instead of thinking of cooking, gardening, and hardware store visits as to do’s, I need to remember they can be relationship builders if we treat them right!

  • Linda G

    I joined something local called AddSheet. They have a birthday club that gives you coupons for free stuff – I got a car wash and massage for example. But I also got $8 free pizza at a popular local place – hubby and I went there for cheap date night and told the girl at the counter what we were doing – so she threw in free drinks! We spent $7 (including the tip) to get a loaded pizza – ate half, took half home for lunch next day. Then went to the local frozen yogurt place for my $5 free yogurt – took it home, mixed it with a bit of rum already on hand and had exotic drinks. And we’ll get to do it again when it’s HIS birthday!