15 Items to Avoid at Walmart

Stay away from these deals when shopping at Walmart.
  • Jean-Yves Ouellette

    I don’t agree with most of this article. The reason viewer forgets to account shipping charges she shopping on Amazon and membership fees charged by Sam’s Club or Cosco & internet vendors shipping fees which all adds up to your total costs. Specialized stores are also always 15-20% more expensive than big box storez. These fees must be accounted for when price comparing. What an idiot for claiming Internet retailers & membership stores are cheaper. I am a Cisco member and believe me Cisco is never cheaper than Walmart on a lot of same quality merchandise.

  • Bonnie Scott

    When Walmart 1 st started doing price match they were offering buy 1 get 1 free when ad said up a price, now they do not, also they use to offer ad prices if the store had their own brand they would match with their brand, they do not do this any longer. They did this fancy marketing to get people into their store.

  • Laura Ludovici

    If you’re a couponer, personal hygiene products, laundry detergent, & even some beverages (bottled water!) are best at CVS or Walgreen’s. They provide incentives like “bonus bucks” for the next transaction, as well.

    • Maggie Rodriguez

      CVS and Walgreens are both so overpriced on their goods that they can easily afford their ‘bonus programs’ and still be making a bundle. Don’t be fooled thinking they are doing you a ‘savings favor’! You are still getting poked in the eyes!

      • Deborah G

        I agree both those stores are expensive even with coupons & Sales.Couponing is the only way to go and combine with sales.

  • Mary Shannon

    Also in some cases, if there is beer on sale, you need to bring the current ad to the store.

  • Ken Masters.

    Dude this list is basically the whole store!! lol You should call this, “Avoid Wal-Mart At ALL COSTS” No pun intended!! LOL

    • Tom Coughlan

      SO true…..so what CAN you buy at Walmart?

      • Deborah G

        I guess their El Cheapo clothes

  • Glynnis Perkins

    The store went down after Mr. Walton died and his family saw only dollar signs, not quality for their customers.

    • Marcus1956

      Agree! Along with made in America.

    • gala2

      I only started shopping a t Walmart in 2000 and I am amazed at the steep steady loss of quality . Especially in clothes which are sleazier every year and second rate food selection. iI is really depressing . As are all the endless empty shelves.

      • Deborah G

        Same at TARGET> The quality sucks and they are so into being Socially PC it is disgusting

  • Jim John

    Good God, you are comparing 20 different stores to one Walmart, you could make the same comparison to any store. How much gas am I going to burn going to all these places. Walmart is one stop shopping, I think that is their motto. Go to Walgreen for a toothbrush, dollar store for diapers, and on and on. Heck you would wear your seats out in your car getting in and out.

    • Cooky642

      Jim, I think you misunderstood the author. When I was a young mother, I could shop 5 different stores in one day and still be home in time to make supper. I’m no longer a ‘young’ anything! Nowadays, I’m doing well to shop one store and get home in time to fall into bed! I think what the author meant was for us to think about what we need and go to the store that sells the best quality at the lowest price, and then go home. Yes, that would mean shopping nearly every day, but you’re not “wearing out your seat” (car or otherwise!) trying to get it all done in one day. And, how often do you need wood furniture, or bedding and towels, or laundry detergent? Those are not like milk, bread, orange juice and eggs that you get nearly every week.

      • Arpad Dobri

        I” ride my bike, to go to different stores, end in a mean time is a good exercise !! Plus save money !!

    • shaunaru

      Wow, you must think that your comment can convince some people who are not going to read the article or don’t make shopping decisions in their household. First, no gas to be consumed, no tires or seats to be worn out and there is absolutely a time saving factor when you shop online at Amazon, who comes much closer to “one stop shopping” than WalMart. Plus, the other advantage that I find on Amazon is your ability to choose either high quality or not so much. When shopping at Costco and many of the other large retailers, they seem to offer only high quality products in most of their departments and since becoming a disabled senior, I find that there are categories where I’ll accept a lower quality as long as I’m getting a lower price along with the quality. When you find products that you can use monthly, bi-monthly or even every six months, be sure to check their “shop by subscription” area before making final decisions. If you use a regular delivery schedule from within that department, you will save an additional 5% (up to 3 items) every time you get a delivery. If you order 5 or more items, you save an additional 15%! Mix that with my Prime membership and there are no shipping charges (or be patient enough to wait on your delivery date and you can find deals with no shipping charges – but I use other benefits included with my Prime membership and it’s really paid off for me).

      The author is not suggesting that you go to all these stores in your regular shopping routine – that’s where the article comes in. All the “Dollar” type stores are going to be just about the same, so even if the article suggests Family Dollar, but you get most of your dollar buys at Dollar Tree, compare your Dollar Tree to Family Dollar and you’ll probably be convinced. And, I do add a caution to some of the products that he’s suggesting be bought from a dollar type store – check toothpaste, food products, any OTC health aids or treatments, pet supplies/food and personal hygiene items if you care about where your products come from. Even if the same brand of product is made in USA in the grocery store, you might find the smaller sizes of the same brand is made elsewhere. Just check specific items first before condemning the entire store. There’s no argument that most items found in the dollar stores are significantly lower in cost than grocery stores, but if it’s one of those items where quality is an issue, some folks may opt for the more expensive item. Also, be sure to check that the packaging still offers a significant savings (if you buy 25 tortillas in a pkg. at the grocery store, be certain that the pkg. for 18 in the dollar store are still a savings). Okay, now I’ve given the warnings that I’ve discovered apply to dollar store shopping, but I want to say that I still do a fair amount of shopping there and I’m really pleased with the products and the savings. Everyone needs to evaluate what items they are buying and the prices they are paying – if you are careful and take notes – it will save money for you in the long run

      There’s no denying it, anyone who criticizes comparison shopping is a nincompoop. It is the only way to see just how your money is being put to use. Are you really going to save your money in Bank A at 2% instead of Bank B at 5% just because your parents always said Bank A is the best bank? You might end up at Bank A, but hopefully only after you’ve discovered why your money is not better off in Bank B!

      As for the question – “Why do you think Walmart is such a powerhouse.” Well, first off, the question was posted by someone who defends the store basically upon what he knows about Rob Walton as a bike rider – “I ride bikes and run into Rob Walton a lot. He is the nicest guy you’ll
      ever meet. Rode with him a bunch of times before I even knew who he
      was. He drive a mini van, totally down to earth, super strong rider.” I mean really, would you be rude and grumpy if your family owned such a powerhouse? No one is denying it is indeed a powerhouse, but I don’t think it will stay that way unless they turn their policies around again. As for still being a powerhouse, just look at these comments – although many are in defense of shopping at Walmart, they are rather light on facts to support those decisions. Their “popularity” is also largely based on the fact that they have carefully worked to maintain strategic holds in communities where the competition is light or non-existent (especially after the huge Walmart moved in to compete with “mom & pop type stores.” In our community of just about 10,000 population, the only other competition they have is a much smaller Safeway. Very few people in our community are able to choose to shop the unquestionably higher prices of Safeway, but I do tell people to check out their “Just for U” program because I save a significant amount of money when they offer personalized discounts on the items I regularly buy. As long as I stick to items in the program, Safeway is able to “mop up the floor with Walmart!” Obviously, not all my grocery products are offered in the program and I can’t get fresh food through Amazon (although some people are able to when they check the locations that offer that) so I do end up buying the rest of my groceries from Walmart (hardly ever produce because the author is reporting accurately in this article, old, nasty stuff with no expiration dates or ignored expiration dates yet I can remember when Walmart produce was good, back when). And, the “back when” is a large part of the problem. All across the U.S. there were numerous complaints by citizens and small business owners as Walmart applied to expand into communities everywhere. However, most local governments did not listen to the complaints and offered waivers, discounts and other deals to get that healthy tax base to come into their community. And, if you were able to ignore the families who lost local jobs and businesses because of this expansion, it did seem like good business sense for many years. Then things began to change. . . locally, they employed almost every “client” of a local program for physically/mentally handicapped adults, then they were laid off across the board. When they first came into communities, they were very close to “one stop shopping” and had very competitive prices, then – some of the services and products offered were cut back, prices began to rise, and what quality there was in products began to slip. But, this was after the local stores had closed and other stores were discouraged from building here. More and more people are complaining about what has happened, but there are still a significant number who continue to repeat the earlier mantras – “one stop shopping,” “lowest prices around” and “they offer a price comparison program.” How many of you regularly take advantage of that “we’ll beat the competitor’s price” comparison program? I tried several times until I just got discouraged at trying to remember all the exclusions or arguing with checkers who did not know the correct exclusions and were trying to save their employer a buck or two! Okay, I’ve taken up enough room here so I’ll climb down off my soapbox and go on my way . . .

    • Sheridan Van Arnold

      Did you no when they get a shipment of meat they have 30 minutes to get it cut and out to the customer. Anything longer than that the meat goes rotten. Walmart takes 2 hours to cut meat with 4 people cutting it. I heard they spray chemicals on it to give it the smell and taste. Nasty to me makes you wonder what your really eating.

  • Patrick Meeker

    So what if you don’t have a Trader Joes or Whole Foods in your city? I have never heard of these stores living in the Midwest.

    • Frank Meccia

      Then goo o Costco.. Better quality and better products..at great prices

  • GenuineNerd2

    Gift cards would be a better buy at supermarkets that offer “fuel perks” or other gasoline discounts, when you use that chain’s shopper’s card. Sure you’d pay the same price for the gift cards at the supermarket as at walmart, but you can also get additional gasoline discounts (or free gas) if you use the same gift cards to do your other shopping.

  • Michael Levine

    For batteries, I found Shoprite’s price the best. Their price on Kodak batteries 4pack is as low as $.99. Other batteries like Rayovac for larger quantities are equally very low.


    Is there any category they do well in. Who write this stuff , such B.S. Why do you think Wal-Mart is such a power house. Their Groceries department kill’s every one over all. And as for the Walton family, I ride bikes and run into Rob Walton a lot. He is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Rode with him a bunch of times before I even knew who he was. He drive a mini van, totally down to earth, super strong rider. As for Whole Foods they should be called Old -foods .A lot of there breads are moldy and there vegetables aren’t any fresher than Wal-Marts. Maybe it’s time to get a writer who actually knows what’s going on.

  • Lisa Zipp

    You state going to Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc. I used to do this, until I realized that those $1.00 items were a much smaller size than what you can buy at Walmart. Why in the world would I continue buying an 10 oz. size of something from these dollar stores when the same thing at Walmart is 16 oz. in size and costs either the same or just a few cents more. I am mainly talking about their snacks, cookies and candy aisles. And while I am at it, the named brand stuff in the health and beauty aisles at the dollar stores are much smaller in size as well….like toothpaste. As for buying the health and beauty stuff at CVS with coupons, I used to do that to because of money you’d get back every quarter. So not worth it, and even if you use a coupon at CVS, the prices are still way more expensive then Walmart’s.

    • Deborah G

      I find the sales at SHOPRITE are ALWAYS better than Walmart

  • Cooky642

    Since so many of you are offering negative comments, let me add a caveat: always–and I mean always–turn the package of whatever over and see where it was manufactured! During the big pet-food scare, I happened to mention that I was on my way to a dollar store to get cans of Friskies canned food for my cats. The woman I was talking to turned white as a sheet and told me she’d never buy anything that was to be ingested by human or animal at a dollar store because the food was made overseas! I’m not from Missouri, but I had to check it out. Sure enough, the canned cat food was actually produced in China (who was directly shipping pet food with melamine in it to America). I also had toothpaste on my list and, to satisfy my curiosity, I checked that out, and it was manufactured in Mexico! That was the last day I ever considered buying something that had to be swallowed from a dollar store! You have to be aware and soooo careful!

  • Jojo Castillo

    To me, this seems like an advertisement for dollar stores.

  • gala2

    The very best places to shop for food are Costco, Aldi’s or Grocery Outlet’s . I go there first and fill in from Walmart.
    I would never ever ever buy spices from Dollar Stores. Actually, i generally don’t buy any food items from dollar stores uness I am absloutely sure of the brand name, country of origin and expiration date. I do not ever eat any thng from China. I buy my spices in bulk at health food stores — much cheaper and safer–or from trader joe’s. Spices can so easily be adulterated with all sorts of awful stuff and there are regular reports of them being recalled for making people sick. Cheap food is not carefully manufactured, Do you really want to eat stuff like that?

    • Deborah G

      Dollar stores have a lot of stuff from China and I am always leery about anything from a country like that . They could care less what goes into their food.

  • Carl

    You are a Walmart hater! You can’t compare with junky dollar store crap. Do you own stock in Amazon or a dollar store? No one is cheapest for everything Walmart is close.

  • Dora Rohe

    Do not care for Walmart at all, most their items come from china, who I don’t support, it is nötig my Kind of Store, also I go for better quality in whatever I buy!

  • Vicki Budden

    I agree. When Mr. Walton passed the quality went down and the prices went up. I do shop Walmart but usually when I only need just a few items. If you know what you need already Walmart is not bad however if you expect customer service forget it.

  • Ezekiel 25:17

    The original stores were tiny, had narrow aisles, and had cashiers you knew by first name. A friend’s wife worked at the Mcalester, OK from the 70’s and left around 2003. She loaded up on Walmart stock. She cashed out the shares for a six figure amount and built the dream home on a large acreage. I remember that store she started in as they were only in small towns. We had Ben Franklin, Gibsons, Spartan, TGY, Coast to Coast, etc. I remember telling mom how great Walmart was. So in the 80’s, they brought a new big box concept to town. It was going to be Hypermart. But by the time it opened, it was Super Center. 40 register stations, a full service bank, barber, salon, shoe store, hearing aid, video rental, game room, nail salon, and McDonalds. This store did not have a dinky front located McDonalds. It was a full size outlet complete with a plastic Ronald. It was not unusual for this store to have million dollar days. To date, this store still serves around 8 counties. They say that being the manager of this store means you have paid your dues elsewhere because the next job is usually in Bentonville. There was many times I was there and you had this group of suits going through it. Those were new managers who were starting at other stores. If you had a gripe, that was the people you told. I mean the guy leading the training tour was a Bentonville exec. I kind of miss that store. Since it serves so many counties, you almost always ran into friends. The kids knew the Walmart date quite well. It starts with a nice Big Mac meal in the back. Then a nice stroll through sporting goods. Then a slow stroll through dry goods. And finally you take your date up to register 3 where the mom is now checking out. Ah love.

    • tanstagcopc

      Your comment sounds a lot like a Larry The Cable Guy joke I heard a few days ago on satellite radio! Walmart was his only place he claimed he took a date, LOL.

  • tanstagcopc

    Talking about beef and Aldi, I happen to have an Aldi store literally across the street from a Walmart in my neighborhood.

    The prices at Aldi don’t always beat Walmart, it depends on what you’re shopping for. Beef included. If you like to buy frozen beef, you might come out cheaper at Aldi. But where I shop, the Walmart had a slightly better price on beef that I could cook as soon as I got home without having to wait for it to thaw out.

    Salmon, though??? Definitely a better price at Aldi. Try $3.86/lb @ Aldi, vs. $5.99 @ Sam’s Club, a bit higher at Walmart.

    And milk? It’s $3.38 or so @ Walmart, and $1.79 at Aldi on sale . . . normal price is $1.99 at Aldi.

    • Deborah G

      better see where that Salmon was raised. Farm Salmon can be SO contaminated and actually we found fish parasites in ours.

  • This is stupid. How much time and gas money are you going to waste shopping at thirty different stores to avoid buying all the above listed from Walmart?

  • MaryAnne Johnson-Keough

    nope, the only thing worth buying at aldi is the produce – the cheese is flavorless rubber, the greasy items are too greasy, sweet stuff too sweet and salty stuff too salty…if you get a good pkg of meat, good for you, MY experience has been dry meat, especially their pork and the ground beef has ALOT of grease when you cook it. Plus, the prices are now compared to regular grocery stores where the quality is better – I’ve been shopping at aldi for 30 years, they USED to be THE place to go to, the extreme basic food line but the prices, even walmart couldn’t go that low. Sorry, but too many people say go to aldi instead of telling them about the QUALITY. for the same money, go to the grocery store

    • Deborah G

      Aldi’s ahould be called “oldis” Everything is cheap,expired or close to it. Their deli foods do not even resemble meat

  • Jack Fough

    If you do not like Walmart do not go there, pretty simple. I frequent them, their store is clean, well organized, well stocked, very good prices, and I have not experienced poor quality any more often at Walmart than at Target, Meijer, Sears, Kmart, or any of our numerous grocery chain outlets. Let’s be fair this was written by Walmart haters. I just laughed reading the comments from all the so called smart ladies saying they will not shop Walmart because most of their products are from China. Every store today is filled more than half with merchandise from China so wake up! Actually, Walmart tries harder than most to source local and U.S. products first, then North America products, then the world. So, if you do not like Walmart that is fine with me, go where you think you are getting better overall products and service but do not bad mouth Walmart by telling untruths and outright lies because you are a Walmart hater.

  • Deborah G

    I but from a small Mexican Bodega. They have awesome prices on fresh produce and they gio to the Farmer’s market daily for their fresh supplies. Yesterday bought two HUGE IDaho Potatoes like over a pound each for $.60 . Put some fresh broccoli,1/2 lb chopped sirloin and grated cheddar on top? The whole meal was less than $1 per person