Biggest Airport Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Many popular beliefs about travel aren't true. Travel experts bust the big airport myths.
  • Brian Murphy

    895 passengers per flight???

  • Dojgen

    Hi, Just saw this article. As an avionics technician whose torn apart cabins for modifications I can tell you that there are a lot of not so nice things lurking in the cabin and there is a lot of bacteria flowing through the ventilation systems. I’ve had to tear apart the passenger service units above the seats and I’ve never seen these filters you speak of that remove bacteria and viruses. Sometimes there is a piece of foam within to dampen the noise but those sit inside until the units have to be torn apart for maintenance not for “filter” replacement.
    And as for the lack of dangerous runways, that’s only true in the United States and major cities around the world. There are dangerous runways elsewhere and I’ve had the white knuckles to prove it.