Announcing: Winners of the 2015 #MoneyMinute Video Challenge

See who won this year's #MoneyMinute Video Challenge.

When GOBankingRates launched the second annual #MoneyMinute Video Challenge, we wanted it to be bigger and better than 2014. Thanks to the amazing personal finance and vlogging communities, this year’s participation was well beyond any of our expectations.

More than 100 bloggers, journalists, authors and media personalities entered this year’s competition, all vying for the $1,000 grand prize. I want to thank every single person who entered on behalf of the GOBankingRates team. You rock!

And speaking of the grand prize, here is our list of winners:

#MoneyMinute Winners

After a month of voting, the top five highest-voted videos in each of the categories below moved on to the final round. They were evaluated by our panel of judges, who selected a winner in each category along with one grand prize winner. Winning entries best met the following criteria: most creative video, most creative tip and most impactful advice.

Category Winners

Saving Money and Frugal Living

Stephanie Jones, — Stay a Month Ahead of Your Bills

Credit and Financing

Patrick Long, — Why You Should Always Pay More Than the Minimum on Your Credit Cards

Retirement and Investing

Barry Choi, — How to Get Free Money From Your Job


Kim Kiyosaki, — Don’t Make Assumptions on Investments and Investors

Grand Prize Winner: Patrick Long /

#MoneyMinute Honorable Mentions

In addition to our winners, we would like to highlight additional submissions that caught our eye and stood out in a special way. Congratulations and a big thank you for your truly creative, thoughtful submissions!

Most humorous: Lou Carlozo, GOBankingRates contributor — 10 Steps to a Healthy Retirement Fund

Easiest tip to follow: Ellie Hirsch, — How to Make Loose Change Part of Your Savings Plan

Best host: Jose Pizarro — How to Build Your Rainy Day Fund

Best location: Sophia Bera, — Watch Out for This Sneaky Credit Card Fee When Traveling

Favorite pet video: Amy Chang, — Find Online Coupons to Save on Pet Items

Best team collaboration: The team — Does Skipping the Daily Latte Really Save Money?

Best financial planning tip: Jeff Rose, Good Financial Cents — The One Question You Should Ask Before Hiring a Financial Planner

Best variety of actionable tips: David Auten and John Schneider, Debt Free Guys — How to Start a Conversation About MoneyHow to Budget Better With Money Chunking / What Are You Doing to Achieve Financial Independence?

Congratulations to Our #MoneyMinute Finalists

You worked hard for the votes — and it paid off. #MoneyMinute finalists represent the best of the best in this year’s competition. Thanks again for your participation. We hope to see you back next year!

Saving Money and Frugal LivingAmy Chang — Find Online Coupons to Save on Pet Items
Louise Biron — Why You Should Follow the 10/30 Budget Rule
Cary Carbonaro, MBA, CFP — How Your Phone Can Save You More Money
Donna Freedman — Think Ahead With Your Money
Credit and FinancingCary Carbonaro, MBA, CFP — How to Calculate Exactly How Much House You Can Afford
Steven Mutton — How to Save With Retail Credit Cards Without Carrying a Balance
David Slade — How to Make the Most of Travel Rewards Credit Cards
Sophia Bera — Watch Out for This Sneaky Credit Card Fee When Traveling
Retirement and Investing
Inga Chira Ph.D., CFP — How to Build a Custom Target Date Fund
Cary Carbonaro, MBA, CFP — This is the Perfect Time for Millennials to Start Investing
Derek Markolf — The Importance of Living Below Your Means
Kelley C. Long, CPA/PFS, CFP — How to Choose the Right Retirement Investments
ProfessionalDavid Auten, John Schneider — How to Start a Conversation About Money
David Auten, John Schneider — What Are You Doing to Achieve Financial Independence?
David Auten, John Schneider — How to Budget Better With Money Chunking
Nick Loper — The Only Two Ways to Get Rich

#MoneyMinute Challenge: Winners and Finalists

Last But Not Least, Thanks to Our Guest Judges

We were honored to have two of the biggest names in personal finance join our panel of judges to select this year’s winners. Thank you judges!

Philip “PT” Taylor

Philip Taylor is a CPA, long-time personal finance blogger and owner of, entrepreneur and founder of FinCon.





Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning author, TV host, acclaimed financial strategist and voice of the “So Money” podcast.