How to Be the MVP of Your Time and Money


No matter your role, this tip sets you apart as an asset to other people. Josh Felber shares a powerful way to claim your value both as an entrepreneur and an employee.

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Josh Felber: I am Josh Felber, serial entrepreneur, host of “Making Bank,” Emmy award winner and best-selling author, and I just want to be able to give you a little bit of information on how you can start making money doing what you love. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter if you’re working at another company. Play the entrepreneurial role within that company, whether it’s taking and bringing new ideas to your boss, new ideas to help reduce spending, new ways to increase revenue within the business. So, by doing that, you’re going to put yourself in a position to be wanted, to be someone that they can trust and look forward to.

One of the things as an entrepreneur that you can do is go out, find where you can create the most value. Find out where you can help people get their time back, and everyone’s always looking to reclaim their time, whether if their internet is running slower or their apps on their iPhone are not working properly — and you start to get mad because it starts, it runs a little slow. That time, that little bit of time that you have is valuable. So go out, find something that you can love and create value for others as well as focus on helping people reclaim their time, and that will start making you more money.

So, I am Josh Felber. Thank you for watching this. Please like, tag and share this with someone that you know can benefit from this video.