Canceled / Voided Car Warranty Series: Fighting a Void

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Canceled & Voided Car Warranty Series: Chapter 1 of 3

Auto Manufacturer Warranties

Many manufacturers have been know to void a warranty completely, which is why so many people weigh their car warranty as a major factor in the initial car purchasing process. The quality of warranty offerings have become more competitive lately as consumers are able to benefit from the struggles of car manufacturers, but knowing how to fight a voided warranty when it is unfounded may come in handy.

Keeping Maintenance Records and Receipts

  • In the best case scenario, you have kept excellent documentation of your car’s service history including odometer readings, identification number and model of the vehicle, along with any information regarding aftermarket parts that may have been used. The more documentation you have proving you maintained your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications, the better.
  • When your car warranty is voided, you will be provided with a reason why. Unless the manufacturer can prove that you did something to void your warranty, your car must be serviced. Also, aftermarket parts cannot void warranties unless manufacturers can prove that the part directly caused a failure, which is rare.

If you do not get the results you want, feel free to contact the district manager for the area and slowly go higher up the corporate ladder until your case is at least heard. Read on to learn more about how aftermarket parts usually come into play when voided warranties are concerned.

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Canceled / Voided Car Warranty Series: Fighting a Void
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