Best 8 Gas Apps To Help You Save at the Pump

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Gas prices are up — there’s no doubt about that. But there are ways to make your trip to the pump less painful. There are apps that can help you save money when you fill up. Some are just for gas, others are more general travel apps and there are some that help you save on many purchases, not just gas.

Here are the best gas apps to help you save money at the pump.

Gas-Specific Apps

Some apps are designed just for finding cheap gas. They use GPS to determine where the best deals are on gas near you when you need to fill up. Some of them use crowdsourcing, relying on other users to post the price when they go to a gas station, so beware that rapidly fluctuating prices may only be as accurate as the last customer who posted the price.


App Store rating: 4.7

Google Play rating: 4.3

GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas in your area by relying on users to post the cost of gas at stations where they fill up. When you’re running low, just check the app and it will point you to the cheapest gas near you.

Make Your Money Work for You

GasBuddy can also save you money when you use your Pay with GasBuddy card. This is not a debit or credit card per se, but it links to your debit card. When you pay for purchases or dining with the GasBuddy card, your linked card is debited, and you earn points that you can use for free gas. You get “GasBack” offers from major retailers like Home Depot, Old Navy, Petco and more.

When you use the Pay with GasBuddy card to fill up, your cash back will automatically be redeemed. Plus, the card saves you up to 25 cents per gallon.

Gas Guru

App Store rating: 3.1

Google Play rating: 3.1

Gas Guru is a directory of gas stations. You can search for gas near you, and filter for gas stations that also offer repairs, those with ATMs, those that are open 24 hours a day or those that have a car wash. You don’t have to create an account, although you can save your favorite stations so you can see their prices at a glance.


App Store rating: 4.1

Make Your Money Work for You

Google Play rating: 4.5

Fuelio is a vehicle management app and is useful for those who use their vehicle for business purposes. You can track your business miles and other expenses like gas and repairs, as well as miles per gallon, and you can use it for multiple vehicles. It also has a gas price tracking feature that uses crowdsourcing, so users post gas prices to keep them up to date.

Directions, Gas and More

There are some apps that provide real-time directions as well as nearby attractions, shopping and gas. These can help you keep all your road trip information on one app.


App Store rating: 4.9

Google Play rating: 4.4

Waze provides driving directions, including suggesting alternate routes depending on traffic or construction delays. It’s crowdsourced, so it relies on users to note disabled vehicles, police cars and other potential hazards.

It includes a “gas stations” directory that sorts nearby stations by distance and provides the current prices as updated by users. The lowest prices are highlighted in green so you can easily see where the bargains are. When you tap on the station you want to go to, you get driving directions to get you there.

Make Your Money Work for You

AAA Mobile

App Store rating: 4.5

Google Play rating: 4.4

If you’re a AAA member, you may already have the mobile app for roadside assistance. But it will also show you the cheapest gas within two miles of where you are and will let you know where you can get discounts as a AAA member. For example, when you enroll in Shell Fuel Rewards, you get a $0.25 discount per gallon on your first purchase at Shell.

Google Maps

App Store rating: 4.7

Google Play rating: 4.1

You probably have Google Maps on your phone already, and you may be using it to get where you’re going. But unless you’ve been paying close attention, you may not know that you can find the best gas prices using this ubiquitous tool.

When you open Google Maps, there’s a group of menu choices right under the search bar. You can search for restaurants, shopping, coffee and gas. When you click on the “gas” button, you’ll see a map of the local area, with gas prices at all the nearby stations. You can sort by distance, and you can filter for things like 24-hour availability and wheelchair accessibility. 

Make Your Money Work for You

Cash-Back Apps

Some apps offer cash back on gas, as well as on other everyday purchases. In some cases, only certain gas stations participate, and those may not be the ones with the best prices. But it never hurts to check.


App Store rating: 4.8

Google Play rating: 4.6

Upside pays you cash back on purchases at lots of different merchants, including many national gas retailers. In fact, there are more than 45,000 gas stations across the country that will give you cash back when you fill up with Upside.

From the app, look for the offers nearby. Then use your credit or debit card at the pump and follow the instructions on the app to get cashback.

Checkout 51

App Store rating: 4.1

Google Play rating: 4.2

Checkout 51 offers cash back on gas, as well as groceries and other everyday purchases. The app lists the offers that are available, so you can search for gas near where you are. Checkout 51 claims to have 5,000 gas station locations as partners, so they don’t have nearly as much coverage as Upside.

Make Your Money Work for You

With Checkout 51, you choose your offer and make your purchase. You indicate the items you purchased that are on offer, and then you upload your receipt. Cash back is credited to your account. Once you have accumulated $20, you can cash out.

Stack Your Savings

Apps aren’t the only way to pay less for gas. Some companies, like Shell and Speedway, have their own rewards programs. If you register your credit or debit card and use it at the pump, you may get points or an outright discount on every gallon.

You may also be able to earn cash back from your credit card when you pay for gas. Rewards credit cards may offer you 1% or more cash back on everything, and some provide even more when you make purchases in certain categories, like gas. In some cases, you need to choose the categories you’ll get extra cash back for, and gas is a good choice these days.

Final Take

Gas is expensive, but we still have to get where we’re going. So, check your credit card rewards, use a cash back app, and find the best price for gas where you are. You might find that it’s not as expensive to fill up as you thought.


  • What app gives you money for gas?
    • Some of the cash-back apps, like Upside and Checkout 51, give cash back when you purchase gas.
  • Are gas apps legitimate?
    • They are, but the amount you can save can vary. Some apps tell you where to get the cheapest gas in your area; others will give you cash back when you fill up.
  • Is the gas app free?
    • All of the apps mentioned in this article are free.

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