As Gas Prices Continue to Break Record Highs, How Much Per Gallon Will You Pay in Your State Today?

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Reports predicting gas prices easing this year have largely disappeared as the cost per gallon in the United States continues a daily sojourn to new record highs. No state has been left untouched, with all 50 reporting unprecedented prices at the pump.

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Today’s AAA national average cost for regular unleaded gasoline is $4.761 and for diesel, it’s $5.581. Both are the nation’s highest recorded average prices.

Sometimes it’s good to contrast and compare to understand and possibly, vent. With that in mind, GOBankingRates has compiled price data from AAA to see where in the U.S. gas is the priciest and where it is the cheapest for June 3, 2022.

Here are AAA’s average gas prices, from relatively fortunate Georgia ($4.22 per gallon) to unlucky California ($6.25 per gallon), for regular grade unleaded gasoline which, unless your car has a “strictly premium” rule, is the only type of gas you should be pumping now, experts say. State averages for midgrade, premium and diesel gas are also noted.

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Prices are set by individual gas stations, these figures only reflect the state average, not what you could be charged in your area.

50. Georgia

49. Mississippi

48. Arkansas

47. Louisiana

46. Kansas

45. Oklahoma

44. Missouri

43. South Carolina

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42. Tennessee

41. Texas

40. Alabama

39. South Dakota

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38. North Carolina

37. North Dakota

36. Wyoming

35. Nebraska

34. Colorado

33. Iowa

32. Minnesota

31. Virginia

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30. Montana

29. New Mexico

28. West Virginia

27. Kentucky

26. Wisconsin

25. Delaware

24. Maryland

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23. Florida

22. Connecticut

21. Ohio

20. New Hampshire

19. Utah

18. New York

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17. Vermont

16. Rhode Island

15. New Jersey

14. Idaho

13. Massachusetts

12. Pennsylvania

11. Maine

10. Indiana

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9. Michigan

8. Arizona

7. Alaska

6. Washington

5. Illinois

4. Oregon

3. Nevada

2. Hawaii

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1. California

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