6 New Cars To Stay Away From Renting While on Vacation

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When planning a vacation, renting a car can be a convenient way to explore your destination. However, there are some new models, as well as particular types of vehicles, you might consider steering clear of. Whether it’s due to potential reliability issues, unfamiliar features or just not being the right fit for your trip, here’s what you should know.

1. High-End Sports Cars

While the allure of high-speed luxury, like that of certain Range Rovers or the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, might be strong, these sports cars can be challenging if you’re not used to their sensitivity. They might be targets for theft in tourist areas and can also have complex controls, making it harder to just hop in and enjoy your trip.

2. Oversized SUVs

Vehicles like the Nissan Armada might boast power and space, but their significant size can make them tricky to handle in tight spots. If you’re navigating the winding streets of an old European city or trying to find parking in a bustling downtown, a massive SUV can quickly become more of a burden than a benefit.

3. Cars With Complicated Tech Features

In the age of technology, cars like the Mitsubishi Mirage have evolved to include sophisticated tech systems. While they offer a range of features, they can also be a distraction, especially if you’re spending half your trip trying to figure out the controls.

4. Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles, like the Tesla Model 3, are a green choice, but they require a bit more planning. Unless you’ve mapped out charging stations, you risk spending a portion of your vacation waiting for your car to charge or worse, being stranded.

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5. Exotic Luxury Cars

While vehicles like the Lamborghini Huracán or Aston Martin DB11 might be a dream to drive, they can be impractical for vacation purposes. These cars often stand out in tourist areas, making them targets unwanted attention. Additionally, their high-performance features can be challenging to handle on unfamiliar roads, and repair costs, in case of any mishap, can be exorbitant.

6. Cars With Manual Transmission

This is a straightforward one. If you’re not used to driving stick, your vacation isn’t the best time to learn. It’s best to opt for an automatic to guarantee a stress-free driving experience.

Final Take

Your vacation is a chance to relax and explore, so your rental car should facilitate this, not add complications. While many of the vehicles mentioned can be perfect for some drivers or situations, they might not suit every vacation. Prioritize your comfort, familiarity with the vehicle and the specific needs of your trip when selecting a rental.

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