Disney Price Increases: What Impact Does It Have on Holiday Visitors?

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If you’re planning to visit Disney parks next year, now might be your last chance to buy tickets for less. Walt Disney World is increasing prices for most ticket types including single-day tickets, multi-day passes and annual pass renewals, CNN reported. Disneyland also announced ticket price hikes at its Anaheim parks this year. 

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Are there any parks unaffected by these price hikes or is it every park? When do these price increases take effect? Can increased ticket prices impact your holiday trip? Here’s what visitors planning to go to Disney parks during the holidays or next year need to know about the Disney price increases. 

How Much More Expensive Are Disney Tickets?

Here’s what the ticket price increase looks like at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increase

This is the second time this year Walt Disney World has raised ticket prices. The first price increase occurred in February 2022, according to CNN. Starting Dec. 8, one-day tickets will be priced at the following ranges:

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The price visitors pay will depend on demand and the park they choose to visit. In the same CNN article, Disney said the most expensive ticket listed, $189 for a one-day, one-park visit, applies only to Magic Kingdom for the nine days around the week of Christmas to New Year’s when the highest crowds are in attendance.

Meanwhile, guests heading to Disney’s Animal Kingdom may still enjoy the lowest-priced ticket of $109. This ticket price applies only to Animal Kingdom with tickets available on 20 days out of the year, mostly on weekdays in late August and September.

Disneyland Ticket Price Increase

Disneyland ticket prices have seen a price increase and the introduction of a new tier in 2022. KTLA reported the new tier, Tier 0, will sell a one-day ticket for $104. Tier 0 will be available for Disneyland and California Adventure parks, but still comes with caveats including when the ticket will be valid (reportedly only on the least crowded days of the year). 

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Below is the new ticket pricing for Tiers 0 through 6 for one-day tickets in 2022:

Disney visitors who park hop between the two parks with the purchase of a one-day Park-Hopper ticket will pay the following ticket price increases:

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Is Anything Else Going Up in Price?

The short answer is yes. Here’s a quick roundup of other aspects of Disney parks where you can expect to see price increases.

Make Your Money Work for You

When Do Price Increases Go Into Effect?

Price increases will be in effect for tickets at Disney World starting Dec. 8, 2022, while ticket price increases are already in effect at Disneyland.

What Should I Know About Purchasing Tickets Moving Forward?

Change is in the air at Disney. Bob Iger is returning to Disney as CEO of the company and there’s discussion of a potential recession. While there is collective speculation online as to how Disney would fare in a recession, we know one thing: Demand for the parks remains high.

Those who would like to purchase Disney World tickets before the price increases go into effect need to do it before Dec. 8. Afterwards, visitors, particularly families, will need to make strategic decisions about the dates and parks they decide to visit to receive the best deals on tickets. Some visitors may be able to splurge on Magic Kingdom Park tickets at the height of the holiday season. Others may find the $109 priced tickets at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are the best way to save and create fantastic memories together without sacrificing the fun of the parks.

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