Does Netflix Have a Free Trial?

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Netflix has been streaming content to screens across the globe for 15 years, and even with all the competition that’s popped up, it’s still a household name when it comes to streaming services. 

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Unfortunately, those wanting to try it out before committing to a plan will be disappointed. Netflix no longer offers a free trial, and it’s not expected to change its mind anytime soon. However, there are still a few ways to snag a free subscription or reduce the costs and if you ultimately decide to change your plan or cancel, there are no cancellation fees or contracts. 

What Is Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service with TV shows, movies and even video games available to its members. Like Hulu, Disney+ or Apple TV, it streams content directly to any screen with an internet connection. Depending on their plan, members can watch select content in 4K and even download shows to watch offline. 

How Much Does Netflix Cost?

There are a variety of Netflix plans available to accommodate a range of budgets and household sizes: 

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One of the biggest differences between the plans is the number of screens members can stream on at once. For example, basic plans allow one screen, and premium allows four. 

Does Netflix Have a Free Trial?

Netflix does not offer a free trial, and there currently isn’t a way to get a free trial through third parties. The cheapest way to subscribe is often through third-party promotions. 

However, promotions come and go, so waiting for one to pop up can take some time. On the bright side, however, Netflix’s subscription plans are highly flexible and allow users to cancel and restart their membership whenever they want. 

Why Did Netflix Remove Its Free Trial?

There are multiple streaming services alongside Netflix, such as HBO Max and Disney+, that don’t offer free trials. The reason is thought to be related to the original content these services release. A free trial allows anyone to watch a brand-new original movie or TV show without paying a penny.

How To Watch Netflix for Free

While there’s no hope for a 30-day free trial, there are ways to get multiple months of free Netflix.

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T-Mobile’s “Netflix on Us” Deal

Anyone looking for a new phone plan and a Netflix subscription at the same time is in luck with this deal. Several T-Mobile unlimited data plans come with “Netflix on Us,” a deal that gives customers a free Netflix subscription for the duration of their phone contract.

Ask Someone To Share Their Sub

Friends and family may decide to share a Netflix subscription, even when they don’t live in the same house. Some people might split the subscription cost, and others might piggyback off someone who chose the premium plan for the Ultra HD but uses only one of the four screens. 

Get Netflix for Christmas 

Netflix gift cards are available both in stores and online, so any far-off relative of any age can easily give the gift of free streaming.

How To Watch Netflix for Less

If getting a completely free Netflix subscription isn’t possible, there are a few tricks and tips that can help reduce costs.

Split the Cost With Friends

The premium Netflix plan costs $19.99 monthly and allows four screens to stream and download simultaneously. Anyone with three friends can set up a shared account and stream in top quality for under $5 per person each month. Plus, with Netflix’s profile system, everyone can have their own profile and avoid influencing each other’s recommendation lists.

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Canceling and Restarting 

Netflix often emphasizes the flexibility of its subscription plans, and for a good reason. Customers can cancel and restart subscriptions over and over with no penalties or drawbacks. Netflix even keeps viewing activity, recommendations and game saves active for 10 months after cancellation, so customers who like to subscribe and unsubscribe frequently can do so without losing out. Unsubscribing after watching can drastically lower costs for those who only use Netflix to follow select original shows.

Final Take

For now, deals and promotions are the only way to try out Netflix before spending money, but there are ways to reduce costs for those who are interested in subscribing. Viewers can split a subscription with family members or roommates or take advantage of active promotions.

Netflix FAQ

  • How can I get free Netflix in 2022?
    • The best way to get Netflix for free is to wait for a third-party promotion or to ask someone to share their subscription with you.
  • How can I watch Netflix for free?
    • Netflix does not currently offer a free trial but by taking advantage of a third-party promotion, asking for Netflix gift cards or asking someone to share their subscription with you, you could watch for free.
  • How do you get an unlimited free trial on Netflix?
    • Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer a free trial. However, if you decide to change your plan or cancel your account, there are no cancellation fees or contracts.

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Information is accurate as of Dec. 7, 2022. 

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