16 Finance-Themed Halloween Costumes for the Recession

With such a frightening year for finances, we thought it only appropriate to feature the blingin’-est costumes. Whether you’ve lost a lot in the Recession or found Lady Luck on your side – here’s our picks for the best finance-themed Halloween costumes:

  1. Golddigger

    The perfect “career” option if you’re surviving a layoff or took a beating in the market this year.

  2. Investment Banker Bum

    An easy last-minute costume that makes a clever commentary on the financial state of the nation.

  3. Money Flusher

    A toilet costume made even more appropriate with “NASDAQ” scrawled on the seat and money overflowing from the bowl.

  4. Bank Robber

    You may have considered becoming one this year already and if you look like her, there’s probably plenty who will be happy to oblige a little robbery.

  5. Mount Rushmore

    For when you’re feeling short on dead presidents in your life.

  6. Pimp

    There’s always this option for the jobless.

  7. Matthew Lesko

    He’s the man behind the “Free Government Money” books a.k.a. “That Question Mark Guy.”

  8. Donald Trump

    Be a real jerk and tell your 1 in 10 already unemployed friends, “you’re fired!”

  9. Money Bag

    Whose baby isn’t one?

  10. Credit Card

    The perfect costume for when you want to express your happiness over the new credit card regulations.

  11. Robin Hood

    Who doesn’t love a guy who steals from the rich to give to the poor?

  12. Money

    There’s no costume more money than money, unless your name is Bill.

  13. Blingin’ Gangsta Rapper

    You can always fool people into believing that you’re not slumming with a few CZs and flossin’ your swagger.

  14. Uncle Sam

    A fitting way to celebrate our tax credits, like the soon-to-end first-time homebuyers tax credit.

  15. Lady Luck

    We all could use a little from this maiden.

  16. and… if splurging on a costume seems a bit too fiscally irresponsible, you can settle for this shirt: