How Much Is Spotify Premium and Can You Get A Discount?


Spotify Premium costs $9.99 for the individual plan, $15.99 for the family plan and $4.99 for students.


Spotify is a digital service that allows you to stream music, videos and podcasts. When you join the platform, you gain access to tons of content from creators worldwide.

Playing music as a primary function is free, and you’ll get recommendations that meet your preferences as well as access to podcasts, audio books and Spotify Radio. When you upgrade to Spotify Premium, you get higher quality, ad-free sound. Plus, with Premium, you can download podcasts and music to grow your collections.

You can access Spotify from a wide variety of devices, including phones, computers, tablets, TVs, speakers and even vehicles. While Spotify has a free plan, the premium version offers a more customized experience. Find out how much Spotify Premium is and whether you can get a discount.

How Much Is Spotify Premium?

Spotify offers four Premium plans.

Make Your Money Work for You

Individual Plan: $9.99/Month

When you opt for the individual Premium version, you get:

There are no restrictions to travelling abroad with your music with a Premium plan and no mobile app restrictions.

Spotify Duo: $12.99/Month

The Spotify Duo plan allows you to share Spotify access with a person you live with — family member, partner or friend. Both Spotify users have their own Spotify dashboards and a Duo Mix that combines the tastes of both people. You also have a playlist that you can share and update that each member can manage. 

Spotify Family Plan: $15.99/Month

If you want to stream Spotify as a family, this is the plan. The Spotify Family plan allows up to six people under one roof to use one membership, each with their own account. The plan also comes with simplified, effective parental control options and includes a Family Mix joint playlist and Spotify Kids for children.

Make Your Money Work for You

Spotify Student: $4.99/Month

If you’re a student, you can access Spotify Premium for just $4.99 a month.

Re-register each year as a student to keep Premium Student for up to four years and also gain access to the ad-supported plan from Hulu and SHOWTIME.

Can You Get a Discount on Spotify?

When you sign up for Spotify Premium, you get up to one month of free access — sometimes more if you catch a promotional rate.

Spotify also often offers deals as part of its marketing campaign. Spotify works with mobile and internet providers, among other companies, to offer special deals to help you get discounts for the service. While these partnership deals change with time, they often include:

Make Your Money Work for You

Be on the lookout for other deals so that you can take advantage of them.

Spotify Free vs. Spotify Premium

Here is a comparison between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium.   

Spotify Free Spotify Premium
Music library X X
Ads removed   X
Playback controls   X
Supported devices X X
Social features X X
Curated content X X
Improved sound quality   X
Offline listening   X
Total 4 8

Is the Spotify Premium Plan Worth It?

Picking between the Spotify Free and Premium versions can be pretty challenging. Many other companies, such as Apple Music, offer similar services, and you might be wondering if you should pay for the premium version of Spotify. 


If you love your music and have no problem giving Spotify more control, the free version might work for you. The free plan also gives you over 50 million songs and podcasts. Besides, you will have access to the discovery and curation functions of Spotify whether you’re paying for a Premium account or not.

However, if you want to hear the latest songs, fully control your playback and download music to listen offline, go for Spotify Premium. The Premium plan also offers better sound quality and saves you from having to deal with ads.

Information is accurate as of April 26, 2022.

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