It Can Cost Up to $12,250 to Go to the 2015 US Open Tennis Tournament

The 2015 US Open tennis tournament kicks off in the Queens borough of New York on August 31 and continues through September 13. During the two-week event some of the most athletic, talented and dominant tennis players will be facing off. U.S. audiences can tune in or attend to see the likes of Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic.

Tennis fans can watch the US Open tennis live on ESPN. For the first time, the network will exclusively air the sporting event. Seeing the US Open tennis tournament in person, however, will require quite a bit of cash. See how much US Open tennis tickets and other costs can empty your wallet.

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Cost Breakdown to Attend US Open Tennis 2015

US Open Tickets for All Sessions: $9,072

If you’re hoping to attend the 2015 US Open tennis tournament, you’ll need to turn to the secondary ticket market, as the US Open is no longing offering tickets for this year’s matches.

An average ticket to a U.S. Open match costs $378 across secondary markets as of mid-August, according to data from ticket-reselling marketplace TiqIQ. Prices to the tournament are 25 percent higher than the year prior, reports TheStreet. To purchase tickets for all 24 sessions at this price, you’ll fork out $9,072.

Of course, if you planned ahead, you likely paid much less for US Open tickets. For lower promenade seating across all sessions, US Open tickets costed $2,125, plus a $40 account service fee and a $3 per ticket fee.

Airfare to New York Cost: $388

Data from the Bureau of Transportation puts the average cost of airfare to JFK Airport at $440. Flying into LaGuardia Airport, however, is about $50 cheaper, with average flights costing $388.

US Open Tennis Hotel Cost: $190/Night

Unless you have a couch to crash on, you’ll need a hotel room. Tennis fans hoping to stay the full two weeks for the U.S. Open should plan to stay in or near Queens. Hotel rooms in this area start at around $190 a night, if you want to be within a mile of the stadium. You can find cheaper rooms costing between $130 and $160 per night. To attend all sessions of the U.S. Open from August 31 to September 13 would require at least 13 nights in a hotel room, which at $190 a night would add up to $2,470.

Cost of Meals During US Open Tennis: $23/Day

Food costs can add up quickly when you’re away from home — especially in New York. The cost of an average meal at an inexpensive restaurant in Queens is around $11.50, according to Numbeo, a user data aggregation site. If you plan to eat the hotel’s free continental breakfast and then eat out for the other two meals, you’ll be spending about $23 every day — $322 for the whole two weeks of the US Open.

Total Cost to Attend 2015 US Open: $12,252

The total cost to attend this year’s U.S. Open — $12,252 — is roughly a quarter of the U.S. median household income of $53,046, meaning the average family would have to fork over three months’ worth of paychecks for this two-week event.

How to Attend Select 2015 US Open Tennis Events for Free

If you can’t afford the price tag for a pass into all sessions at this year’s US Open, you can attend free events during the tournament. The US Open 2015 Qualifying Tournament, which starts August 25 and runs through August 28, is free to the public.

In addition to the qualifying events, the US Open is also opening up its grounds to the public, providing free attendance for the first time ever. All fans can get free admission to the US Open grounds on Thursday, September 10 to enjoy a number of matches and sessions.