World Series 2015: How Much Will It Cost for New York Mets and Kansas City Royals Fans to Attend?

If you want to see the Kansas City Royals take on the New York Mets in person, plan on spending more than $1,000 on World Series tickets.

The World Series 2015 is underway with the New York Mets facing off against the Kansas City Royals. Both baseball teams are trying to bring an end to generational championship droughts that have plagued the ball clubs for about three decades. The Royals haven’t won a World Series since 1985, and the last time the Mets were World Series winners was the following year in 1986.

Currently, the Royals lead the series 2-0. Game 1 of the World Series was pretty epic. The Royals beat the Mets 5-4 in a 14-inning opening game, which was the longest game in World Series history — and fans were glued to their televisions. Viewership for the game — which gave Fox its best Tuesday primetime ratings since February 2012 — was up 31 percent over 2014’s World Series opener, reports Deadline.

But, what will it cost a fan to get off the couch and see a game in person? Here’s a look at the price fans can expect to pay if they want to get their hands on World Series tickets.

2015 World Series Tickets: How Much Does It Cost to Go to the World Series?

If the World Series goes to seven games, four of them will take place at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. The other three baseball games will be played at the Mets’ home field, Citi Field in Queens, N.Y.

2015 World Series Schedule

  • Game 1: Tuesday, Oct. 27 at Kansas City (Winner: Royals)
  • Game 2: Wednesday, Oct. 28 at Kansas City (Winner: Royals)
  • Game 3: Friday, Oct. 30 at New York
  • Game 4: Saturday, Oct. 31 at New York
  • Game 5: Sunday, Nov. 1 at New York
  • Game 6: Tuesday, Nov. 3 at Kansas City
  • Game 7: Wednesday, Nov. 4 at Kansas City

But don’t expect to find bargain ticket to attend these games. The World Series 2015 is extremely expensive, surpassing even the 2010 Rangers-Giants series, reports USA Today. The average price for a World Series ticket on ticketing website is $1,437 with similar prices listed on rival sites like StubHub.

Mets fans will pay big for the privilege of seeing their team play in the World Series — all three games at Citi Field command higher prices on average than those at Kauffman Stadium. The first two games in Kansas City were relatively cheap to attend with the average ticket prices standing at $496.90 and $745.25, respectively. But, this cannot be said about Game 6 and 7; the average ticket prices are $1,286.73 and $1,606.56.

Game 3, however, is the most expensive of the entire series. The average ticket price for this game taking place in New York is $1,760.57, and the cheapest ticket is $705.

Here is a look at the average price of a 2015 World Series ticket:

  •      Game 1 @ Kauffman Stadium: $496.90
  •      Game 2 @ Kauffman Stadium: $745.25
  •      Game 3 @ Citi Field: $1,760.57
  •      Game 4 @ Citi Field: $1,653.22
  •      Game 5 @ Citi Field: $1,640.27
  •      Game 6 @ Kauffman Stadium: $1,286.73
  •      Game 7 @ Kauffman Stadium: $1,606.56

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Other World Series 2015 Costs to Consider

If you’re lucky — and wealthy — enough to score tickets for you and your family to attend the 2015 World Series, you better budget some extra cash for the game itself. The combined cost of parking, four hot dogs, two beers and two soft drinks will run you about $68.50 at Citi Field, reports MarketWatch. At Kauffman Stadium, the price for the same items cost roughly $53.

For the most diehard fans, the true definition of fantasy baseball would be a trip to the 2015 World Series — but a ticket to the big game isn’t cheap. Careful planning, budgeting and saving are required if you want to attend the World Series.