52-Week Savings Challenge No. 5: Go Meatless For One Meal

This is week five of the 52-week savings challenge series. Last week, GOBankingRates suggested you save $4 by eating a dollar menu hamburger over a premium option.

52-week-savings challenge-5We’re now in the second month of the 52-week savings challenge. It’s week five, so you’ll save $5 this week, bringing your total savings up to $15. If you’re not already a vegetarian, our tip is ditch meat for a meal and opt for veggies or tofu instead.

Opting for Meatless Mondays or Tofu Tuesdays could save you over $200 annually, or easily $5 per meal depending on the meat you would have eaten. Take a stir-fry meal and compare the price of including one pound of sirloin, for $5.99, with 14 ounces of tofu, for $1.96. That’s $4 worth of savings.

But what if you planned to cook a more expensive meat, like salmon? Depending on the season and type, salmon can range from less than $8 to $16 per pound, not including the more rare variety. Your savings would go way up, maybe even helping you save for week six of the challenge.

Extra Savings Tip: “You could continue paying for that triple mocha, four-pump vanilla, non-fat, no-whip latte, or… you could brew your own and save for a rainy day,” recommends PrimeWay Federal Credit Union.

Check back next week for another savings tip to help you stay on track for week six of the 52-week savings challenge.

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Photo credit: Sonny Abesamis