9 Healthiest Foods to Buy at Costco to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Creating New Year’s Resolutions is as much of a tradition as the holiday itself. According to Inc. Magazine, 41% of Americans create a resolution to change or modify a behavior starting on January 1. 

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But the unfortunate reality is that only 9% end up sticking to the plan. In fact, there’s usually a specific day most people end up throwing in the towel — according to the magazine, experts have now dubbed January 19 “Quitter’s Day” based on the popular pattern that shows most people give up on this same day every year. 

That’s just shy of reaching the 21-day mark, which most psychologists say is the benchmark to set a new habit. By 21 days, usually, the activity is so ingrained it becomes a permanent fix.

There are some proven ways to stick to resolutions. Per Forbes, experts advise changing your mindset along with your behavior, choosing a circle of people that will support you in your goals and journaling about why you want to make the change to make it a more mindful practice.

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It also helps if you have the right tools. If your resolution is to eat healthier in 2023, that means stocking up on healthy foods to help you stick to your modified diet plan. USA Today spoke to experts who pointed to the American Medical Association’s guidelines for eating better in 2023 — that includes eating less processed foods and abstaining from drinks with added sugar, consuming less red meat, enjoying more plant-based options and choosing water over sodas and juices.

Costco is a great place to find the right foods, especially since you can buy in bulk and have more of what you need to be successful at all times.

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Here are the products to keep stocked starting January 1.

Organic Quinoa and Brown Rice

Diets that tell you to remove all carbs from your daily eating plan should be avoided — carbs are an essential component of a healthy diet, especially if you are adding more physical activity as one of your resolutions too. The Mayo Clinic advises that carbs should make up 45-65% of total calories each day. But, choosing the right carbs is key. You’ll want to avoid processed options like white bread, white rice, etc. Instead, this blend of organic quinoa and brown rice is full of healthy grains that will keep you full while helping you stick to your eating plan. It heats up in just 90 seconds which makes it a quick and easy addition to dinners too. 

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Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Just because you’re modifying your diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of your favorite foods, it just takes some planning to find the best swaps for ingredients so you can prepare recipes in a more health-conscious way. Coconut milk is one of nature’s great replacements for dairy. It cooks up great in curries and soups, can be used in baking and even makes a great creamer for coffee. Plus, WebMD says coconut milk is great if you are trying to lose weight since it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that decrease appetite, increase energy and help burn fat in the process.

Organic Trail Mix Packs

Eating around six small meals a day is now believed to be a better diet plan than three hearty meals, according to nutritionists. Doing this, says Cleveland Health Clinic, can satisfy your appetite, help maintain blood sugar levels and provide more nutrients throughout the day to keep you full and prevent over-indulging. These trail mix packs are a great option for midday or after a workout, they’re full of nuts, seeds and dried fruits that have good fiber, protein and a healthy dose of Omega-3 fats. Each box has 24 individually wrapped packets to take with you on the go.

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Dried Mango Slices

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet plan but getting several servings every day may not be as easy as picking up an apple. Some other ways to get a good amount include adding produce to smoothies and finding snack options like these tasty dried mango slices. This bag features organic fruit with no extra sugar (since mangoes are sweet all on their own!). Since they’re dried and in a resealable bag, it’s easy to take in your purse, backpack or gym bag so you always have a healthy snack option when hunger hits.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A great diet includes not only healthy foods but also supplements too. One of the best ways to add nutrition to your diet is through a daily shot of apple cider vinegar. Research is ongoing into this superfood, but some studies have seen its possible effects on weight loss, blood sugar control and reducing cholesterol levels. It also seems to have some remedy properties that might even help ward off the common cold. This supersize bottle at Costco has 128 fluid ounces and includes “the mother,” the nutrient-rich bacteria mix that aids in ACV’s healthful properties.

Blue Agave Sweetener

One of the keys to sticking to a diet resolution and finding results is eliminating excess sugar. A great swap is blue agave — made from a plant from Mexico, this nectar has a lower glycemic index, so it’s absorbed by the body in a slower manner and it’s sweeter than sugar so less is needed to get the same results, says Real Simple. Use it for baking, sweetening coffee and tea and any other ways in which you’d use white sugar. This two-pack is organic and features 72 total fluid ounces so it’ll last you throughout your resolution period.

Seafood Medley

As noted by the AMA, one big tip for eating healthier in 2023 is cutting down on red meat. Though protein is still a hugely important part of a good diet. One good replacement is seafood. It’s full of healthy omega-3s that may reduce cardiovascular disease and has a lot less saturated fats than traditional meat, according to the University of California, San Francisco. This medley pack from Costco features a variety of shellfish including shrimp, mussels, scallops and calamari. Great on its own or over some gluten-free pasta with olive oil, it makes the perfect dinner. Plus it’s frozen so you can stock up and have it on hand when you need it.

Plant Protein Powder

As mentioned above, protein is a huge part of a healthy eating plan. Experts with Healthline say you should aim for about 150 grams a day to help build lean muscle and burn fat, as well as keep your appetite satiated. A great way to supplement the amount of protein you get in food is to drink a protein shake once or twice a day. This powder from Orgain provides 21 grams per serving and is made of plant-based proteins (another tip from the AMA for healthy eating). There’s a variety of flavors available at Costco, including chocolate, vanilla and even pumpkin spice.

Hint Flavored Water

Excess sugar in beverages has become such an issue in America’s fight against obesity that even the CDC has gotten involved with a public service campaign called “rethink your drink,” which cautions people to read labels before buying drinks. (Just because it’s a liquid, doesn’t mean the calories don’t add up.) If tap water isn’t always fulfilling you, try an option like Hint Flavored Water. It offers bottled carbonated water with some added textural fizz and a pleasant dose of natural flavors with no added sugars or calories. This 15-count variety pack at Costco features watermelon, blackberry and pineapple flavors.

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