Arizona SNAP Schedule: Payments by Last Name Begin on March 1st

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Arizona’s Nutrition Assistance Program (NA), formerly known as food stamps, operates a little differently than other states’ programs. While the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is federally funded and mandated throughout the country, each state is able to administer its own program with its own rules and restrictions. 

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Arizona SNAP recipients must go through an eligibility interview. After the interview, they are mailed what is called a QUEST Electronic Benefits Transfer card. The card, also known as an EBT card, is issued by Fidelity and unlike some other states, arrives before the eligibility notice. This means you could theoretically receive your EBT card but still be denied benefits.

In most states, EBT cards are to be used strictly for the purchase of fresh produce and groceries from verified vendors. Arizona is one of a few states that offer the Restaurant Meals Program, which allows individuals to purchase food from participating restaurants throughout the state. The program is available to households in which every EBT holder is either disabled, 60 years of age or older, or is homeless and does not have a fixed nighttime residence.

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Arizona, unlike other states, does not use the last digits of a case number or social security number to align benefit deposit schedules. Instead, the payment schedule is aligned with the letter your last name starts with. After the first initial month, Arizona EBT cards are paid out each month as follows:

A – B first day of the month

C – D second day of the month

E – F third day of the month

G – H fourth day of the month

I – J fifth day of the month

K – L sixth day of the month

M – N seventh day of the month

O – P eighth day of the month

Q – R ninth day of the month

S – T 10th day of the month

U – V 11th day of the month

W – X 12th day of the month

Y – Z 13th day of the month

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