BurgerFi Introduces New Meatless Burger for Under $10

BurgerFi now offers Beyond Meat’s plant-based burger nationwide.

Video Courtesy of Cheddar

There’s nothing quite like biting into a juicy burger — and now, thanks to gourmet burger chain BurgerFi, even people who don’t eat meat will be able to enjoy that experience.

The nationwide chain has partnered with Beyond Meat, a producer of plant-based meat products, to introduce a new meatless burger to the menu that promises to bleed just like a traditional beef burger would. BurgerFi CEO Corey Winograd told Cheddar that the innovative veggie burger is the result of years of research.

“They spent several years in R&D and came up with a product that looks, cooks and satisfies like a beef burger,” he said. “It chews and tastes like a traditional beef burger.”

Not only does the veggie burger taste good — it’s also good for you. “It’s naturally cholesterol-free, [and contains] no GMOs, no gluten and no soy,” said Winograd. The healthy veggie burger packs in 20 grams of plant protein.

Winograd also revealed how Beyond Meat made their plant-based burgers “bleed” — beets are a key ingredient that make the veggie burger as juicy as a regular burger.

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BurgerFi — which has nearly 100 locations nationwide — created the meatless burger to cater to more of its customers’ preferences as well as to introduce plant-based products to a mainstream customer base.

“What we’re doing at BurgerFi is giving our guests different protein options,” said Winograd. “We’ve tested it in eight stores for several months, and the results have been absolutely amazing.”

The company is proud to be offering a non-meat burger option at its restaurants nationwide. “It’s not only about being socially conscious — there are environmental, health, animal welfare benefits, and at the end of the day, we want to give our guests what they want,” said Winograd.

BurgerFi is the first nationwide chain to serve Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger. The burger will be available served two ways — traditional style with onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, or a vegan style either wrapped in lettuce or served on a vegan bun. It will sell for $8 to $9 depending on the location, The New York Times reported.

Offering a meatless option could prove a fruitful financial decision for the burger chain — the meat substitutes market is projected to reach $5.96 billion by 2022 with a compound annual growth rate of 6 percent. According to a recent Research and Markets study, the market continues to grow due to increasing health awareness, increasing instances of meat adulteration, and a rising number of vegetarians and flexitarians worldwide.

The new Beyond Burger will be available at all locations beginning Monday. Other menu offerings at BurgerFi include beef burgers, hot dogs, hand cut fries, onion rings and custard shakes.

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