Costco Customers Cannot Get This Staple Item

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Pandemic-era food price increases and inventory shortages are likely to continue — at least temporarily. Food retailers are stockpiling larger amounts of frozen meats, sugar and other items, reports The Wall Street Journal, to keep up with strong demand and before these items get pricier.

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Stockpiling by supermarkets is driving shortages of some staple items, grocery industry executives explained to WSJ and is complicating a U.S. food supply chain already impacted by transportation costs, labor pressure and inventory constraints.

Like other large grocery chains, big-box retailer Costco has recently relaxed some restrictions such as product limits, but the company is informing some customers that only five cases of any brand of water may be purchased due to a shortage, according to social media users per Eat This, Not That!

A Reddit user posted a photo of signs on display right now at an unidentified Costco. “We are currently out of water,” one reads. “There is not yet an ETA for our next delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

This may not be the only shortage at Costco. Popular frozen item Just Bare chicken nuggets quickly gained popularity in January, which supposedly tastes exactly like the ones sold at Chick-fil-A. Warehouses quickly ran out of the 4-pound bags of chicken nuggets and Costco members couldn’t find the frozen item again until April.

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According to reports by social media users and as reported by Eat This, Not That!, the popular frozen chicken nuggets are out again. While some commenters blamed delivery delays, others noted issues with supply and demand. You can check local warehouses or the Instacart app for the item, Eat This, Not That! recommends, as the item is not listed on the Costco website.

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Last updated: Oct. 11, 2021