Costco Hot Dogs and 4 More Food Items That Stayed as Affordable as Ever in 2022

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With inflation at record highs, supply chain issues and a host of other global issues, almost everything is more expensive than it used to be. Food prices alone jumped 13.1% in July, the highest one-year spike since 1979, as reported by CBS News. 

With double-digit increases across the board, it isn’t just grocers that are raising prices. Restaurants and fast-food chains have had to up the cost of their meals by jaw-dropping amounts. Even if the menu doesn’t outright show a higher price, eateries have shrunk the size of the items to absorb the cost. 

Recognizing that many Americans simply cannot afford the skyrocketing price increases, some retailers have vowed to keep their prices on certain fan-favorite food items low. Read on to find out about five food items that stayed as affordable as ever in 2022.

Costco Hot Dog & Soda Meal Combo

  • Price: $1.50

The hot dog and soda meal combo is a Costco fan favorite that won’t cost an arm and a leg. For $1.50, Costco members can grab a 1/4-pound plus all beef hot dog and 20-ounce soda (with refill). And apparently, that price is here to stay. Costco CFO Richard Galant recently said that the foodcourt favorite would stay at $1.50 forever — a price it has been since 1985.

Sam’s Club Hot Dog Combo

  • Price: $1.38
Make Your Money Work for You

Not to be outdone, Sam’s Club is trying to one-up Costco’s food court prices by not just keeping them steady for decades on end but by actually lowering them. That’s right a hot dog combo at the other membership-only retailer is now $1.38! Originally priced at $1.50, it is one of the best deals out there and doesn’t require a membership card. 

Arizona Iced Tea

  • Price: 99 cents

Not many things have stayed consistent over 30 years, except the price of a can of Arizona Iced Tea. The 23-ounce cans of multiflavored teas have sold for 99 cents at most stores across the country since the early 1990s, and it isn’t changing in the foreseeable future. The company’s CEO recently told CNBC that the price would remain the same as long as possible. 

Costco Rotisserie Chicken

  • Price: $4.99

Costco’s famous rotisserie chicken is still only $4.99, a price that it has remained at for over two decades. According to The Hustle, the beloved 3-pound bird debuted around 2000 at the same price it is now. 

The membership-only retailer briefly raised the price by $1 in 2008 due to the financial crisis but dropped it back down the following year. Costco allegedly loses millions of dollars by keeping the chicken priced so low, but it is a top-seller that gets shoppers in the store.

Costco Pizza

  • Price: $9.95 for 18-inch whole pizza

While many of the food court items at Costco recently saw a significant increase — like the Chicken Bake is now $1 more — there are a few that are truly inflation-proof. In addition to the hot dog combo, the big-box warehouse chain is still offering a whole 18-inch pizza for $9.95. 

Make Your Money Work for You

Not feeding a crowd? You can snag a piece of the famed pie for $1.99. Only drawback? Most Costco’s are now enforcing membership proof for food court purchases. 

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