8 Grocery Stores With the Best Discounts To Help With Rising Food Costs

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Do you ever find yourself experiencing sticker shock when looking at your grocery bill? You’re not alone. GOBankingRates polled 1,028 Americans and discovered that for 42% of Americans, rising food costs impacted their finances the most this year.

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As grocery store bills continue surging, shoppers have been working hard to fight inflation using strategies like clipping coupons, purchasing store-brand items instead of name-brand products and sticking solely to their shopping list to keep costs down. Another savvy move shoppers are making is passing on shopping at expensive grocery stores in favor of inexpensive supermarkets. No matter where you shop across the United States, here are the top supermarket chains with the best discounts. 

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Aldi has spent several years in the top 10 on dunnhumby’s annual retailer preference index. Currently, the supermarket chain ranks at No. 6 on dunnhumby’s 5th Annual Retailer Preference Index: U.S. Grocery Channel Edition. You can find Aldi stores across 38 states (and counting) including California, the Midwest and Northeast.

Shoppers flock to Aldi thanks to the store’s excellent prices, discounts and wide private label inventory selection. In addition to picking up staples like baking supplies, dairy products, meat and cheese, Aldi shoppers can also purchase other household essentials. Some of these include low-cost multivitamins, aspirin, name-brand shampoo and gourmet chocolate.

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In second place on dunnhumby’s 5th Annual Retailer Preference Index is supermarket chain H-E-B. Based in San Antonio, Texas, H-E-B has hundreds of stores in the state of Texas alone and additional locations in northeast Mexico. 

Shoppers at H-E-B receive steep discounts on everything from frozen food to produce to bakery items and everyday essentials. Financial expert Rachel Cruze writes that H-E-B is able to keep costs low due to emphasizing local foods and always searching for ways to offer products at better prices. As an added perk, shoppers receive a tortilla to snack on while they shop at H-E-B.

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Market Basket

Market Basket follows right behind H-E-B on dunnhumby’s 5th Annual Retailer Preference Index. The supermarket chain has locations across New England including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island. 

Famous for its “More For Your Dollar” tagline, Market Basket has spent more than 100 years in operation and Cruze said their business is run debt-free. According to Cruze, this means the store does not increase the price of its goods to cover interest on debt.

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Trader Joe’s

Over 500 Trader Joe’s stores can be found across the United States, and the neighborhood grocer ranks in seventh place on dunnhumby’s 5th Annual Retailer Preference Index. 

There are few, if any, branded items inside Trader Joe’s. Rather, the grocery store sells everyday basics ranging from bakery to frozen food to household essentials from the Trader Joe’s label. Maintaining everyday focus on value is vital at Trader Joe’s, which does not have sales, coupons or offer loyalty programs or membership cards. Instead, Trader Joe’s buys directly from suppliers when possible, bargains hard for the best price and passes the savings on to the shoppers. As stated on the Trader Joe’s website, the grocer keeps its costs low because every penny it saves is a penny you save.

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With more than 100 stores predominantly in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions, supermarket chain Wegmans ranks in fourth place on dunnhumby’s 5th Annual Retailer Preference Index. 

Shopping at Wegmans has many advantages for shoppers, especially when it comes to getting great deals. Wegmans offers consistent low prices on items each week. In addition, the choice of Family Pack size is available on products throughout stores to save additional money compared to regular size offerings. The best quality is never sacrificed at Wegmans where shoppers receive a wide variety of choices inside beautiful stores with substantial customer service.

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Costco may require a membership to shop at its locations, but loyal shoppers of the warehouse club know being a Costco member is worth every penny. 

With more than 800 locations worldwide, Costco is dedicated to bringing its members the best possible prices on quality name-brand offerings. Shoppers may also shop for Costco’s private label of offerings under the Kirkland Signature brand and enjoy low prices on everything from grocery essentials to health and beauty supplies and household and cleaning items.

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Sam’s Club

Shoppers who do not live close to a Costco may decide to become members at Sam’s Club instead. 

Sam’s Club, a warehouse club with almost 600 U.S. locations, operates similarly to Costco in requiring shoppers to have a membership. Members receive quality products at an exceptional value. Meanwhile, Sam’s Club merchants prioritize stocking the right products and purchasing them in large quantities. This passes the savings on to members rather than stocking every item in every available brand.

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Dollar Tree

While dollar stores are not necessarily traditional grocery stores, there are more than a few cooking supplies and pantry staples available at these locations.

Dollar Tree, for example, sells a wide range of grocery items at low costs. Shoppers can find ice cream, canned foods, rice, pasta, condiments and much more, making it easier (and more affordable) than ever to purchase groceries on a budget.

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