How To Satisfy Your Pumpkin Spice Cravings for Less

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Fall has officially begun, meaning pumpkin spice season is in full swing. Personally, you can’t get enough of this delicious fall flavor, but your wallet feels differently.

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Due to the overwhelming popularity of pumpkin spice everything, many retailers charge a premium for this delicacy. However, there are plenty of clever ways to indulge — a lot — this season without breaking your budget.

For example, Starbucks charges approximately $5.45 for a grande pumpkin spice latte. While you might spring for at least one this season, making it a regular habit can add up fast. Instead, you can buy an entire 11-ounce bag of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Light Roast Ground Coffee at Target for $7.49 and a 28-ounce Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Coffee Creamer for $4.69 — just slightly more than the cost of two PSL lattes.

Make Your Money Work for You

If Dunkin’ is more your style, plan to spend around $2.09 for a medium cup of pumpkin coffee when visiting one of the brand’s retail locations. Alternately, you can stop into Target for an 11-ounce bag of Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Spice Medium Roast Ground Coffee, priced at just $7.19.

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No doubt, you’ll be craving a pumpkin muffin from Panera this season, but at $2.19 each, you’ll need to control yourself. However, Whole Foods sells a Limited Edition Spiced Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix for $4.79 that yields a dozen servings, allowing you to indulge guilt-free.

Of course, the Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Treat is also on your radar, but even a small will likely cost you more than $6. Don’t stress, because you can get a box of six Organic Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches at Whole Foods for just $4.99.

Moving on to main courses, the BoneFish Grill has a seasonal swordfish and pumpkin ravioli special, priced at just under $25. No doubt, this is delicious, but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Trader Joe’s sells a 9-ounce package of honey roasted pumpkin ravioli for just $3.69. If you’re fully committed, top it off with a 14.5-ounce jar of the brand’s Pumpkin Alfredo sauce, priced at $3.49.

Make Your Money Work for You

Back to dessert — pumpkin spice cake donuts from Krispy Kreme are a highlight of the season, but at $1.99 each, they can add up fast. However, the King Arthur Baking Company sells a Pumpkin Spice Doughnut Mix that yields 12 full-sized delicacies for $7.95 — and since they’re baked, not deep-fried, they’re also healthier.

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If you’re craving pumpkin cupcakes, you could buy six premade at Albertson’s for $3.99. While that’s not a bad price, Target sells Pillsbury Moist Supreme Perfectly Pumpkin Premium Cake Mix for $1.89, which yields 24 cupcakes, allowing you to really stretch your dollar.

It’s never too early in the day for fall’s favorite flavor, which is why IHOP’s four-stack of pumpkin spice pancakes — priced at $11.99 — always hits the spot. However, you can get an entire box of Great Value Pumpkin Spice Pancake Mix for $1.67 at Walmart, making it possible to enjoy them every morning, if you so desire.

Make Your Money Work for You

Retailers might charge a premium for all things pumpkin spice, but thankfully there’s no shortage of affordable substitutions. This makes it possible to enjoy the taste of fall from dawn ’til dusk, without overspending.

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Last updated: Oct. 1, 2021

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