These Cheap and Easy ‘Matzo-rella’ Sticks Are Perfect for Passover

This take on comfort food spices up a cheesy classic.

Matzo is a staple of Jewish cuisine, but it’s this unleavened bread’s time to become part of the next big food trend. Your experience with the relatively healthy and inexpensive food might be limited to Matzo ball soup — but this grainy goodness can be so much more than that.

GOBankingRates decided to use some Matzo for a tasty take on the traditional mozzarella stick.

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What You’ll Need:

Frozen mozzarella string cheese
Pot or skillet
Matzo meal
1 cup potato starch
4 eggs
Marinara sauce

How to Create:

Step 1: Season your matzo meal, adding salt and pepper to taste.

Step 2: Whisk eggs until thoroughly scrambled.

Step 3: Coat each piece of cheese with potato starch, and then roll in matzo meal.

Step 4: Dip in egg and matzo meal again. Repeat this for each piece.

Step 5: Heat oil in skillet and cook about a minute per side until golden brown.

Step 6: Serve with marinara sauce.

How to Make It Your Own:

The benefit to this “Matzorella” stick recipe is that you can fine tune the flavors to fit your own taste.

If you’re a vegan, substitute out the eggs and mozzarella for vegan alternatives, such as a dairy-free mozzarella style cheese alternative available at many local grocers. If you want to spice up your meal, season your matzo mix with red pepper flakes and Tabasco¬†sauce.

Cost Breakdown:

Taking a bite out of these¬†“Matzorella” sticks won’t take a bite out of your wallet. This recipe has the potential to serve six — as long as you’re willing to share. With all ingredients included, the cost breakdown comes to $0.62 per serving, which is a steal compared to getting your stix fix at a restaurant.

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