SNAP FAQ: What Are Mississippi’s Eligibility Requirements and How Can You Apply?

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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the food stamp program, helps low-income families and individuals purchase the food they need from authorized locations. In Mississippi, SNAP is administered by the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) and benefits are distributed to SNAP recipients via EBT cards each month.

SNAP Benefits: How Long Do They Last?
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EBT cards work like credit or debit cards at the point of sale. In Mississippi, EBT cards can be used at any location that displays the Quest logo. Food may also be purchased at non-traditional stores, such as farmers markets, truck vendors and community support agencies approved by the Food and Nutrition Service. Mississippi recipients can also use SNAP benefits for online purchasing, though only with authorized SNAP online retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.

According to the MDHS, those who qualify for SNAP work for low wages, are unemployed or work part-time, receive TANF, SSI or other assistance payments — or are elderly, or disabled, and live on a minimal income. Mississippi residents can also use the pre-screening application at to get an idea of how eligibility is determined.

You can apply for SNAP online via the Common Web Portal at Access MS, or via the MyMDHS website. You can also request an application by phone, in person, by fax or by mail from your county office.

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After submitting your application, you will be scheduled for an in-person or phone appointment with a program representative. The representative will verify your documents and ask questions that will help determine your eligibility.

If you qualify for SNAP, you will be able to receive your SNAP benefits within 30 days of your dated application, unless you’re entitled to receive benefits within 7 days.

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SNAP may be expedited if your household’s gross monthly income is less than $150 and your household’s resources (such as cash, checking or savings accounts) are $100 or less — or if your rent/mortgage and utilities are more than your household’s combined gross monthly income and liquid resources, or if you are a migrant or seasonal farm worker household and you verify your identity.

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