Can’t Get Enough of Trader Joe’s? You’re About To Be Obsessed With These 4 New Products

Even your four-legged friends will get excited.

From salads to delicious frozen dinners, Trader Joe’s has become a prime destination for affordable and tasty groceries. Although Kiplinger reports that Trader Joe’s carries about 27,000 fewer products than a traditional grocer, customers don’t seem to mind. The popular grocery chain was voted the third-best grocery store in the country in a 2018 survey conducted by Market Force Information — ahead of both Whole Foods and Costco. 

Although Trader Joe’s hasn’t officially announced which new delicious food items will be hitting its shelves this season, two executives from the company revealed a few products you can expect to see in the near future in the latest episode of the podcast “Inside Trader Joe’s.”

Take a look at some of the items that the grocer is set to roll out, first reported by food blog kitchn.

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Organic Cookies

Organic products are really having a moment. According to Trader Joe’s vice president of marketing product, Matt Sloan, customers expressed interest in having more organic products — specifically sweet organic treats. Even though there might not be a solid timetable for these products, Sloan said you can expect to see other organic products, such as organic honey hedgehogs, headed to a store near you possibly this month.

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I love TJ’s Mexican Style Corn & Quinoa Salad!???? It has layers of quinoa and brown rice, green cabbage, red cabbage, kale, fire roasted corn, cotija cheese, grape tomatoes, and a lime wedge. But the dressing is my favorite part! It comes with a packet of creamy roasted poblano & cilantro dressing. • This may look like a small package but I can get 2+ meals out of it. I also add some of TJ’s pre-cooked roasted chicken for some extra protein???? • #traderjoes #traderjoeskitchen #traderjoeshaul #traderjoesfinds #traderjoeslove #traderjoeslist #mexicanstyle #mexicanfood #corn #quinoa #fireroastedcorn #kale #cilantro #salad #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthylunchideas #healthyliving #lunch #easylunch #easydinner #healthydinner #dinnerideas #dinner #gluten #glutenfree #glutenfreemeals #glutenfreelunch #glutenfreedinner
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Gochujang Chopped Salad

If you love packing a Trader Joe’s salad for lunch, you’ll soon have something spicy to add to your repertoire.

“Everyone loves a good salad and we’ve had some salad kits that have been really popular,” Sloan said. “We have a new iteration coming up. It’s a Gochujang Chop Salad, so that fermented chili paste. So classic in a lot of Korean cooking.” Sloan couldn’t help but remark that this salad is going to be incredibly delicious.

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Caprese Ravioli

Trader Joe’s already has a lot of good pasta dishes to try, but this pasta dish could be your new favorite. In describing what you can expect, Sloan said, “It’s like all of those things that make your caprese salad in the summertime so delicious and so craveable are stuffed inside a really delicious ravioli pasta.” He even suggested tossing the pasta in a pan with a balsamic glaze.

Cat Treats

There aren’t just humans obsessed with Trader Joe’s — plenty of furry friends enjoy their treats and canned food items. But, admitted Sloan, “We’ve been accused by some animal lovers of only loving dogs at Trader Joe’s and it’s just not true. We love cats and dogs, and we are introducing two new cat treats, one that’s chicken and one that’s tuna.” He went on to express his hope that every cat would be happy.

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