HealthCare.gov Open Enrollment Starts Nov. 1 – Here’s Everything You’ll Need to Sign Up

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If you’re looking to enroll in the open government market for healthcare, the healthCare.gove portal is set to open up within the next few days. 

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Your personal marketplace application will ask you about each person in your household, even those not applying for coverage, so it’s important to give as accurate information as possible.

The information you will need to include about your household is your spouse, your children who live with you (even if they make enough money to file a tax return on their own), anyone you include on your tax return as a dependent (even if they don’t live with you), and anyone else under 21 who you take care of and who lives with you.

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You should also include your unmarried partner only if one of both the following apply: they’re your dependent for tax purposes and/or they are the parent of your child

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You will also need:

You can see the full checklist and all details of requirements on the marketplace’s website found here.

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