Get Ripped Like ‘The Wolverine’ Star Hugh Jackman — On a Budget

There are not many people who don’t fantasize about Hugh Jackman in some way or another. Either they’re hoping to have a ripped body like him, or wouldn’t mind getting a little closer to that ripped body.

For individuals, both male and female, who would like to get their bodies beach-ready before the end of the summer, there is some hard work involved. Of course, in his case, it helps that he has the assistance of a top trainer.

The good news is you can shape your own ripped body without an expensive trainer. In fact, there are some great ways to do this without taking down your savings.

‘The Wolverine’ Is Set for Release on July 26

There’s no doubt that X-Men fans around the world are excited about the sixth installment of this popular Marvel Comics film series. “The Wolverine” is the second X-Men movie specifically centered around Jackman’s character, Wolverine.

As with every other X-Men film, fans expect this Wolverine movie to be packed with action from Jackman and all other supporting cast members. The film bows July 26.

About the Hugh Jackman Diet and Workout Plan

In order to kick butt the way Jackman does, there has to be a Hugh Jackman workout and diet to follow. In the following clip, Jackman provides a few details about how he’s acquired his physique:

Jackman’s trainer, Steve Ramsbottom of the Performance Institute in Burnaby, British Columbia, shared some additional details on Jackman’s workouts for the movie with The Canadian Press.

Jackman’s workouts occurred in two phases: The first focused on building muscle mass by altering the tempo and speed of weight lifting, while the second focused on maximum strength. Jackman also incorporated “yoga, pilates, running and stretching” into his routine.

Let’s talk about the Hugh Jackman diet for Wolverine: Jackman has told reporters that in order to bulk up, he’d wake up early and eat four egg whites and a combination of a protein shake, steamed vegetables and brown rice every three hours.

Jackman steered clear of rice or carbohydrates after midday, sticking with vegetables, fish, chicken breasts and steaks. And before bed, he had another protein shake.

This is definitely a strict routine, but one that can be easily accomplished on a budget — especially if you want to get that Hugh Jackman body.

How to Adopt Your Own Hugh Jackman Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Whether you want to jump on the Hugh Jackman diet plan create one of your own, there are some great ways to do so without wreaking havoc on your savings account.

Saving on Your Own Workout Routine

First things first: Which gym to join? There are tremendous benefits to joining a gym, including access to a wide variety of machines and weight training tools, along with exercise classes and maybe even a personal trainer.

But we all know that gyms can be tough on the wallet. The good news is there are a few ways to get around spending too much on working out.

Find Workout Videos Online

There are tons of workout videos online offered by professionals and amateur fitness buffs. You can take part in everything from weight training, to bodyweight exercises, to aerobics and yoga.

Download Fitness Apps

The invention of smartphones has provided many workout hopefuls with the opportunity to download fitness apps that help people do it all: train for marathons, begin a weight training routine, lose weight or simply get toned.

Visit Your Local Recreation Center

Another option that can help you save on a gym membership is visiting your local recreation center. Most cities offer relatively cheap alternatives to private gyms, and joining a rec center can cost as little as $30 to $50 annually.

Before taking part in any exercise routine, however, be sure to pay your physician a visit to confirm that specific workouts suit your current health status.

Getting the Hugh Jackman Diet on a Budget

Now let’s take a look at how you can adopt a Hugh Jackman diet on a budget.

It’s good to note before diving in that not every diet is perfect for every person. There are diet plans for women and diet plans for men, along with plans that help you to strictly get fit while losing weight and plans that help burn fat while building muscle.

The Hugh Jackman diet may not be the best diet to lose weight if that is your only goal, because it incorporates a massive amount of protein meant — this to help Jackman build substantial muscle mass.

But if you’ve determined that the Hugh Jackman diet plan is the right one for you then you’re in luck. For the most part, his diet is both simply and thrifty, meaning you won’t have to drain your bank account.

So where can you find most of the foods found in Jackman’s plan?

Visit Farmers Markets

Since most of Jackman’s foods are found in the produce and meat sections, you can visit a farmers market in your area to locate these items at a great discount.

Join Discount Clubs

If you prefer to do your produce and meat shopping in a grocery store, consider joining that store’s discount or loyalty club. Many stores offer rewards cards to regular customers.

Also, check to see if you store offers a discount day that reduces the cost of groceries if a specific dollar amount is spent.

Buy in Bulk or Online

While many groceries on Jackman’s list are perishable and therefore difficult to find online, your protein powders/smoothies, rice and other carbohydrates can be purchased in bulk at a lower cost. Also, consider purchasing generic versions of these items when possible.

One thing of note: Hugh Jackman does admit to cheating occasionally on his diet dark chocolate and ice cream (both of which can be located at a discount via one of the above cost-saving options), so don’t feel that you can’t have any fun while cost-effectively getting your body in excellent shape.