10 Unbelievably Expensive Halloween Candy and Décor — and 10 Cheaper Options

Windows are draped in cotton webs. Witch, skeleton and spider cutouts adorn the front yards. Porches are bedecked in skulls and grinning jack-o-lanterns, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. It can mean only one thing: Halloween is coming!

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Folks are ready to shell out big bucks on the spookiest day of the year, with the average consumer anticipated to spend $100 on costumes, candy, decorations and other items to honor the occasion, according to the National Retail Federation. One of the top items is obviously costumes. The amount spent on both kids’ and adult costumes is expected to total $2.9 billion, the highest amount since 2017. The total spend on Halloween is projected to reach $10.6 billion, up from $10.1 billion in 2021.

Though most folks will be keeping their Halloween spending somewhat under control, not everyone is in the mood for a modest affair. Those looking to spend absurd amounts of money on Halloween decor and candy are in luck. You can find some incredibly expensive items just a click away.

Here’s a look at some of the most expensive Halloween candy and decor you can buy this year to terrify your guests and neighbors. But rather than sending your bank account into terror, opt for these cheaper versions of these Halloween treats and decked-out tricks.

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Crystallized Skull

When you want to be just as glam as you are ghoulish, opt for this crystallized skull on Amazon for $735. Made of more than 5,000 100% genuine European crystals, this work of art will wow your guests.

However, a goldstone skull on Etsy for $45, gives off the same glitzy vibes for a lot less cash.

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Giant Sloth Costume

Sloths are cute, and it seems like it would make an extra comfy Halloween costume. However, a $15,500 giant sloth costume on Etsy might have your wallet feeling a little uncomfortable. The costume is handcrafted and can even stand alone as a decoration when you’re not wearing it out on the town.

Want to be a sloth on a budget instead? Spirit sells a sloth costume for $49.99.


Animatronic Witch

Though classic Halloween figures, witch decorations generally aren’t too scary, that is until their eyes light up and they start talking. The Animated Witch glows in the dark and touts a sound activation function that is triggered by movement. This hideous lady from Snow White’s worst nightmare proffers a silver tray that could be ideal for decorating with candy or other decor and will set you back $1,100 on Amazon.

Also on Amazon, you can get a talking, animatronic witch that is pretty spooky, but for a fraction of the price at $49.99. 

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Inflatable Grim Reaper Archway

The inflatable Grim Reaper archway touts a daunting grim reaper and LED lights. Marketed as yard decor, this gloomy and doomy product measures 14 ft tall. It comes with an air blower, ropes and sandbags. Get your front door looking devilishly scary with the haunting (and hopefully haunted) archway for $1,153.99 on Amazon.

Though the grim reaper is pretty freaky, you can get three inflatable witches with triple the cursing power for $89.99 total on Amazon. The display also comes with lights and each of the witches measure eight feet tall. 

Dairy Cow Costume with Built-in Fan

If you’ve ever worn a costume with a head, you know how hot they can get. Amazon is selling a dairy cow costume that conveniently has a fan built right into the head so you can stay cool while staying in costume. It’ll cost you $359.99.

The cheaper alternative is to buy the same fan that’s built in. You can find this also on Amazon for $11.99.

Givenchy Basketball Jack-O-Lantern Sweater

Of course, if it’s designer, it’s going to cost more. This orange mohair and wool blend Givenchy sweater features a jack-o-lantern/basketball hybrid drawing on the front, and a smaller version on the back. It’ll run you $1,290 at Nordstrom.

It’s not Givenchy, but you can find a fleece jack-o-lantern on Etsy for just $7.99.

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40-Foot Pumpkin

What sprawling backyard couldn’t be more festive than the one touting a 40-foot inflatable pumpkin. This ultra-jumbo gourd is composed of polyester which is touted as both waterproof and protective against tears. It also comes with its own plug-in blower to keep it pumping with billowing air, along with a storage bag so you can tuck it away in your garage for next year. It goes for a spooky price of $3,569.99 on Amazon.

You can get a smaller, more practical inflatable pumpkin (with its very own ghost and black cat) for $59.99 on Amazon. 

8-Foot Spider

On eBay, you can find a terrifying eight-foot spider for $579. It comes with LED lights that last for six hours. Plus, it plays creepy sound effects that are sure to freak the neighbors out.

If hundreds of dollars is too steep, spend $23.99 on Amazon and get a five-foot spider that is sure to do the trick.  


Grand Reaper Animatronic

No Halloween figure is more ominous or reminiscent of our own mortality than the grim reaper. Until you meet the grand reaper. This 12-foot ghoul isn’t only imposing in height, he’s terrifyingly interactive. You can watch his ghoulish performance over at HauntedProps.com and buy him there for a cool (or deathly cold) $12,588. You can also purchase some of his nightmarish friends, like the 9-foot Evil Tree Animatronic, which utters creepy phrases, so you never trust nature again. Add him to your cart for just under $5,100.

Admittedly there’s no truly sufficient cheaper version of this movie-worthy prop, but you can get a perfectly scary grim reaper animatronic for $43.99 on Amazon.

Make Your Money Work for You

Sleeping Giant Halloween Animatronic

The decor of all decors for the spooky season has got to be the gruesome sleeping giant animatronic sold at HauntedProps.com. The giant is over 11 feet tall and does something that nothing else on this list does: farts. Triggered by motion, this giant farts loudly. Those farts must be pretty valuable as this guy will cost you $16,888.  

Again, this terrific prop doesn’t have a cheap alternative, but you can certainly stir up a fright with a motion-activated animatronic clown for $54.99 on Amazon.

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Nicole Spector contributed to the reporting for this article.