10 Unbelievably Expensive Halloween Candy and Décor — And 10 Cheaper Options

ktaylorg / Getty Images/iStockphoto

ktaylorg / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Windows are draped in cotton webs. Witch, skeleton and spider cutouts adorn the front yards. Porches are bedecked in skulls and grinning jack-o-lanterns, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. It can mean only one thing: Halloween is coming!  

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Folks are ready to shell out big bucks on the spookiest day of the year, with the average consumer anticipated to spend $102.74 on costumes, candy, decorations and other items to honor the occasion — $10 more than they planned to spend last year — according to the National Retail Federation. The money spent on ghoulish decor will be substantial: with spending reaching $3.17 billion, up from the $2.59 billion spent in 2020.

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Americans will also be dishing out dollars on Halloween treats — spending as much as $3 billion on candy, the NRF estimated. 

Though most folks will be keeping their Halloween spending somewhat under control, not everyone is in the mood for a modest affair. Those looking to spend absurd amounts of money on Halloween decor and candy are in luck. You can find some incredibly expensive items just a click away. 

Here’s a look at some of the most expensive Halloween candy and decor you can buy this year to terrify your guests and neighbors. But rather than sending your bank account into terror, opt for these cheaper versions of these Halloween treats and decked-out tricks.

Last updated: Oct. 12, 2021 

Make Your Money Work for You

Building Blocks Candy

If you’re looking for a truly unique type of candy this year — or if you just have a mega Lego fan at home — you’re in luck. Amazon sells Building Blocks candy, and a 10-pack (weighing 16 ounces) goes for $229.70. Each bag offers four flavors: blueberry, banana, cherry and lime. 

Any child with a constructive side will be into this creative candy, provided their parents are willing to shell out the dough.

Or you can just purchase this 11-pound case of Candy Blocks Building Blox at the Candy Warehouse for $49.50.

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1,000 Personalized Candy Bars

Holding a massive Halloween banquet or perhaps having a Halloween wedding? Your guests might appreciate a treat just for them — on an individual level. Over on Amazon, you can buy 1,000 personalized candy bar labels for $580. These “Boo” labels enable you to enter a name and to have some fun with the ingredients, which contain dragons and lizards, or any other slimy creature your guests might delight in. Mind you that these silver foil wrappers don’t include the actual candy bars, which you’ll have to buy separately.

A cheaper chocolatey option is to purchase Halloween M&Ms at the M&Ms store for as little as $3.99 a bag

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Make Your Money Work for You

Animatronic Witch

Though classic Halloween figures, witch decorations generally aren’t too scary, that is until their eyes light up and they start talking. The Animated Witch glows in the dark and touts a sound activation function that is triggered by movement. This hideous lady from Snow White’s worst nightmare proffers a silver tray that could be ideal for decorating with candy or other decor and will set you back $623.38.

Home Depot sells an admittedly less terrifying animatronic talking witch for $70


Inflatable Halloween Archway

The Inflatable Halloween Entrance Archway touts a blow-up gravestone, a daunting grim reaper and LED lights. Marketed as yard decor, this gloomy and doomy product measures 16.4 x 13.1′. It comes with a UL fan with a 110-volt plug, along with LED bulbs, ropes and sandbags. It also comes with a repair kit, though it is unclear what exactly that entails, and which sort of sounds like a bad omen. Get your front door looking devilishly scary with the haunting (and hopefully haunted) archway for $920 on Amazon. But you’d better act fast — shipping can take up to three weeks.

Another elaborate 8-foot Halloween archway sells on Etsy for $165.

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Make Your Money Work for You

Jack-O-Lantern Kit

Have you been hopelessly searching for a 24-set of jack-o-lantern pumpkins that come in a cluster and express different types of emotions? And are you specifically in the market for a set that illuminates with LED lights instead of the traditional candle? Well, worry not. Amazon has got you covered with this 220-volt creation. It even comes with bulbs and will only cost you just shy of $1,129.99

So, look, the best way to obtain a cheaper alternative to this kit is to DIY it with real pumpkins the old-fashioned way. Sites like Pinterest are flooded with inspiration. 

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Wolf Statue

OK, we know what you’re thinking: Halloween horror doesn’t exactly scream wildlife, but if you’re willing to look outside the box and into the woods, you might want to consider this 38.5-pound, 48-inch long alpha gray wolf statue. This wolf sports the signature snarl that had Little Red Riding Hood sobbing for her grandma, and could be the perfect Halloween addition to a cabin or cottage where real wolves may lurk in the corners of the night. The polyresin creature goes for $1,100 on Amazon.

If you’re willing to settle for something less museum-worthy and more demure in size, you can get this 18-inch wolf statue on Amazon for under $75

Make Your Money Work for You

40-Foot Pumpkin

What sprawling backyard couldn’t be more festive than the one touting a 40-foot inflatable pumpkin. This ultra jumbo gourd is composed of polyester which is touted as both waterproof and protective against tears. It also comes with its own plug-in blower to keep it pumping with billowing air, along with a storage bag so you can tuck it away in your garage for next year. It goes for a spooky price of $3,000 on Amazon

You can get a smaller, more practical inflatable pumpkin (with its very own ghost and black cat) for $55.99 on Amazon

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Halloween Christmas Tree

It seems that people are decorating their homes for the holidays earlier and earlier every year, but so soon as Halloween? Sure, why not. You can have yourself a very merry Halloween with this artificial black Christmas tree. It’s 6 feet tall and made of PVC material, which supposedly makes the tree look fuller and “more real,” and makes it less crushable. For just $3,127 who wouldn’t make space for this arboreal design straight out of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

The answer to that question is: anyone on a budget. Instead of forking over thousands for a black Christmas tree, get a regular artificial Christmas tree for under $60 and spray paint it black. 

Make Your Money Work for You

Grand Reaper Animatronic

No Halloween figure is more ominous or reminiscent of our own mortality than the grim reaper. Until you meet the grand reaper. This 12-foot ghoul isn’t only imposing in height, he’s terrifyingly interactive. You can watch his ghoulish performance over at HauntedProps.com and buy him there for a cool (or deathly cold) $11,588.99. You can also purchase some of his nightmarish friends, like the 11-foot Evil Jack Animatronic, which is basically a jack-in-the-box clown doll from the depths of Hades. Add him to your cart for just under $5,000.

Admittedly there’s no truly sufficient cheaper version of this movie-worthy prop, but you can get a perfectly scary grim reaper animatronic for $55 on Amazon


Sleeping Giant Halloween Animatronic

The decor of all decor for the spooky season has got to be the “Colossus” sleeping giant animatronic sold at TheHorrorDome.com. This animatronic figure doesn’t have specific measurements, but based on the fact that it towers over a woman in the photo (and its hand is bigger than her head), it’s sure to be monstrously large. The only con with this epic beast is that it doesn’t ship until after Halloween — oh, and the fact that it costs $15,000.

Again, this terrific prop doesn’t have a cheap alternative, but you can certainly stir up a fright with a motion-activated animatronic clown for $70 on Amazon.