6 Tips for Buying Cheap Mother’s Day Flowers

Florists around the country are scrambling as they deal with a flood of delivery orders and Mother’s Day 2015 preparations. The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 2015 survey confirmed that behind cards (at 80 percent of respondents) flowers are the next-most purchased gift for Mother’s Day, with 67 percent of respondents planning for this purchase.

Because of this high demand, finding flowers for Mother’s Day at a reasonable price might prove challenging for some consumers with a tapped-out savings account.

Despite tight budgets this year, consumers are expected to spend an average of $172 on their moms, a record high according to the NRF.

With designer floral arrangements being advertised by big-name wire services for upwards of $50 (not including delivery fees and other tacked-on charges), you’ll need the inside scoop on how to treat mom on her special day without sacrificing your rent or tossing out your budget.

How to Save Money on Mother’s Day Flowers

To get a hold of affordable Mother’s Day flowers, you’ll have to get creative. Here are a few confirmed tricks to surprise your mom with gorgeous blooms at a practical price.

1. Scan Daily Deal Websites

The daily deal boom from websites like Groupon, LivingSocial and Amazon Local deals are all about bringing you the best value for your buck. Like with any big holiday, these sites partner with major wire delivery services like Teleflora, FTD and ProFlowers to offer significant discounts.

For example, a couple years ago I received an Amazon Local deal to spend $20 on a $40 voucher for Mother’s Day flowers. Similar offers tend to run on daily deal websites starting about a week before Mother’s Day. As long as you carefully read the terms and conditions of the offer, you can potentially walk away with huge savings.

2. Name Your Price

If you’d rather speak to the florist in-person to design your floral vision, visiting a local florist is a good option. However, it’ll be easier to save money by naming your price at the service counter, rather than asking for a specific flower arrangement.

By asking your florist “What can I get with $20?” rather than “How much are two dozen red roses?” you’ll eliminate the back-and-forth guesswork of what you can afford, and your florist will be able to safely avoid going over your budget.

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3.  Deliver the Flowers Yourself

If your mom lives fairly close by, you can save about $20 just by choosing to carry out your arrangement or bouquet, instead of having the florist deliver the flowers to the recipient.

This tactic will save money and give you the opportunity to see the surprise and delight on your mother’s face in person.

5. Shop at Farmers Markets

Because Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, you might be able to take advantage of neighborhood farmers markets to grab fresh flowers for a fraction of what wire services charge.

This option presents a triple bonus as your mom gets a beautiful bouquet, you save money and you contribute to your local economy.

6. Choose a Colorful Mixed Bouquet

Unlike the stiff expectations for red, long-stemmed roses on Valentine’s Day, there is no Mother’s Day-specific flower type or arrangement. Since Mother’s Day falls in the middle of spring, any flower or mixed bouquet that is vibrant will do the trick. Also, there is no restriction for how they’re presented — vases, baskets or simple paper wrapping are all fair game for this day of recognition.

Finding Flowers for Mother’s Day

Even with Mother’s Day quickly approaching, there is still time to buy flowers for Mother’s Day without spending extra on overpriced bulbs or expedited orders. Whether you incorporate one or many of these suggestions, these tips take minimal planning to help you treat your mom to a day she deserves.