Amazon’s After-Christmas Sale: Echo Dot, Robotic Vacuums and More

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not the only days to save on the hottest products of the year. Amazon’s after-Christmas deals start on Dec. 26 and extend to New Year’s Eve. This is an excellent time to take advantage of clearance items, as well as sizeable markdowns. You’ll find substantial savings on everything from electronics to home goods to movies and video games.

Sometimes the best shopping comes after the holidays, especially when it comes to making more financial sense. Now, you can hopefully not only save money before the holiday season, but also after.

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Best After-Christmas Amazon Deals: Electronics

These are great gifts for your favorite tech and gadget lover — or for yourself — after the holidays. These typically higher-priced items are good to wait for until they’re on sale. If you are traveling and having Christmas gatherings after Dec. 25, snatch these deals up for not-so-belated gift-giving.

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Best After-Christmas Deals: Health and Beauty

Health and beauty products are always wonderful for some self-care around the holidays. Pamper yourself or others with these amazing Amazon sales. 

Best After-Christmas Deals: Home and Kitchen

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you have to stop preparing delicious meals. Now you can do so with professional-grade products at substantial discounts.

Best After-Christmas Deal: Pet Supplies

As your pets don’t really know exactly what day it is, you can save money on your best friend’s gifts, even if it is just slightly belated. 

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Best After-Christmas Deals: Toys

There is nothing more special than seeing the faces of children light up when they open a new toy. These Amazon deals on toys are great to stock up with for presents year-round, or belated Christmas gifts.

Best After-Christmas Deals: Christmas Items

It is never too early to start planning for next year. The best after-Christmas sales include Christmas wrapping and décor for you to stock up on for next year. During Black Friday, customers were able to buy Christmas trees at 40% off, wreaths at a 50% discount and Christmas figurines at a savings of 60%. Once Christmas has ended, you can expect these percentages to climb even higher, as companies will want to offload the remaining merchandise to make room for new inventory.

Amazon also offers year-end gourmet food deals with savings of up to 70%. The available grocery items change frequently as supplies last. Keep an eye out for deals on specialty chocolates, sausage, cheese, cracker gift sets and gourmet coffee gifts.

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Final Thoughts

Christmas presents don’t have to be given out just on Christmas morning. With people traveling all over the world to see friends and family over the holidays, plan on buying items that will be discounted after Christmas for parties after Dec. 25.


  • Does Amazon have sales after Christmas?
    • Yes, Amazon has after-Christmas sales and deals on numerous items. Percentages off can range from 20% to 70%, so be sure to check out its website for updated deals.
  • Are the sales cheaper after Christmas?
    • Amazon sales after Christmas can be cheaper on certain items, because they will try to unload the items they heavily stocked up on throughout the holiday season. For the big-ticket items, sales often look similar to percentages off you find during Black Friday, but can increase after Christmas.
  • What is the day after Christmas sale called?
    • Though Amazon has big sales throughout the year with Prime Days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the sales after Christmas are typically just informally referred to as After-Christmas sales as that is the period of time when they happen. The day after Christmas is called Boxing Day, so you may also see some Boxing Day sales.

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