How Your Coronavirus Thanksgiving Will Be a Blast AND Save You Money

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With the holidays fast approaching, many Americans may be wondering what they'll look like in the midst of a global pandemic. It's likely that less people will visit their families or travel, and traditional fall and wintertime activities like ice skating will have to be modified.

But even if you won't be with your family this year, you can still make Thanksgiving special. You can also save a ton of money that you'd probably be spending in a different time.

Take a look at some of the ways you can stash extra cash for when Christmas rolls around.

Last updated: Nov. 25, 2020
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Stay Put

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on plane tickets, plan for a Thanksgiving at home. If you have roommates, a significant other or close friends in the area, you can still make the holiday special -- even if it means missing out on family time. Plus, there's no rule against a family Zoom call during Thanksgiving dinner.

Make Your Money Work for You
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Host a Virtual Football Watch Party

You can still enjoy Thanksgiving football with family and friends this year. Make some food, set up your laptop and cheer for your favorite team alongside your loved ones. If you're a diehard fan, this may even be your preferred holiday alternative.

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Plan a Movie Night (From Home)

Even if you're not into sports, virtual watch parties work for movies, too. Although there won't be any big theater releases, you also won't be spending $20 on a small popcorn and soda -- so that's a win all by itself.

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Shop For Online Holiday Deals

Many stores are extending their Black Friday deals through the entire holiday season. Take advantage of the discounts to start checking items off your Christmas shopping list.

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Get a Jump on Christmas Decorations

While you're at it, you could use the latter part of the holiday weekend to get in the mood for Christmas. String up lights, buy this year's wrapping paper or even take a trip to a local Christmas tree farm. You're likely to find a better deal than if you wait until mid-December.

Make Your Money Work for You
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Skip the Turkey

Last year, Supermarket News pegged the average cost of a turkey at $20.80, or $1.30 per pound. While the actual dollar amount isn't huge, the act of cooking a perfectly juicy, perfectly seasoned turkey dinner can be time-consuming and not worth it for many Americans.

This year, skip the traditional Thanksgiving meal and try something else instead. Cheapism recommends alternatives like lasagna, Cornish game hens or stuffed portobello mushrooms or squash.

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In Fact, Don’t Cook at All

If you really want to buck tradition, don't cook anything. Instead, order a pizza or even a full meal from a nicer restaurant. While it may not save you all that much money, it could be a nice break from the usual day-long cooking extravaganza that so many hosts commit to.

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Hang Out With Friends

Organize a socially distanced get-together with friends. This can mean roasting s'mores around a bonfire or wearing your mask to your local ice rink. Being around people you love and care about is a quintessential holiday tradition, and in many cases can still be done safely.

Make Your Money Work for You
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Find Things To Be Thankful For

Your Thanksgiving might not look like what you thought it would -- which kind of fits the theme of the year. But aside from food and football, the purpose of the holiday is to remind yourself of the things you're grateful for. Write them down if you have to. Even if the only thing you're thankful for is that 2020 is coming to an end.

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