The Cost of Buying a New Halloween Costume vs. Making a Costume vs. a Secondhand Costume

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    Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, and if you’ve been looking at new costumes, you may have sticker shock. Buying a brand-new costume can be pricey, and it’s not always the best choice, depending on the look you’re going for. So how can you get the best-looking costume for the best price? To give you an idea, here’s a look at what it costs to buy both a Chucky and a Bride of Chucky costume new and secondhand, and also what it would cost to gather the supplies and make each costume yourself. Here’s to celebrating fall fun without breaking the bank.

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    Bride of Chucky Costume

    If you’re interested in becoming the bloodthirsty doll Chucky’s bride for Halloween, here’s a breakdown of what it will cost to buy new, make,or buy a Bride of Chucky costume secondhand.

    Make Your Money Work for You

    Buy New: $66.99

    At Amazon, you’ll find an authentic Bride of Chucky costume with a white satin dress, attached leather-look jacket and veil for $47.99. Fishnet stockings aren’t included in the price, which you can find for $5 on Etsy. And you can get a blonde wig with dark roots on eBay for around $14.

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    Make: $43 to $51, if you have the jacket

    If you decide to gather the supplies to make your own costume, you’ll need 3 to 5 yards of white satin material, which you can get for $3.99 per yard at Joann fabric and craft store, which will cost you $12 to $20; white thread for around $2 at Joann; and a costume pattern, which you can find on Etsy for $5. If you don’t have a veil or fishnet stockings, you can order a shoulder-length, pencil-edge veil and fishnet stockings for $5 each on Esty, and the blond wig on eBay for $14. Hopefully, you or someone you know has a black leather jacket. If not, you can find a pleather version online for as little as $12. But be careful — cheap clothing can often have unpredictable sizing.

    Buy Secondhand: $41

    If you don’t want to pay over $50 for this costume and you’re not crafty, you can go to a secondhand store and try your luck at finding a used Bride of Chucky costume. Or you can collect the pieces for the costume. At Goodwill, formal dresses are around $10, and jackets are around $7. You can find the fishnet stockings and a veil for $5 each on Etsy, and the blonde wig on eBay for around $14.

    Make Your Money Work for You

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    The Verdict: Buying the costume is the most expensive option, and it probably will not look the most authentic if you are planning to compete in a costume contest. If you’re extremely lucky, you might be able to find all of the pieces you need at a secondhand store like Goodwill, but you might spend more if you have to go to different thrift stores to find the right pieces. However, you could spend less if you have blonde hair, are good at sewing and have access to a black leather jacket.

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    Chucky Costume

    If you’re interested in becoming the bloodthirsty doll himself for Halloween, here’s a breakdown of what it will cost to buy new, make or buy a Chucky costume secondhand.

    Buy New: $53.98

    At Amazon, you can find a Chucky costume with a long-sleeved jumpsuit and plastic mask for $46.99. The fake knife isn’t included in the price, but you can find a pack of two for $6.99 on Amazon. The great thing about this costume is that you won’t need a wig, makeup or temporary scar tattoos because the face mask takes care of those issues.

    Make Your Money Work for You

    Make: $39.50

    If you decide to gather the supplies to make your own costume, it doesn’t make sense to sew overalls or knit a striped shirt from scratch. Instead, check at Goodwill for a pair of denim overalls. Men’s coveralls are usually priced around $8. Also look for a colorful, striped, knit shirt, which will be around $4.50. You’ll find a pack of two fake knives for around $7 and a pack of Chucky Doll Scar Temporary Tattoos for around $10 on Amazon. Plus, you can find a cheap red wig for around $10 on Lightbox.

    Buy Secondhand: $32 and up

    If you don’t want to pay around $54 for this costume new, look for a used Chucky costume that you can snag at a discount. Look on Poshmark; there are used Chucky costumes for as little as $32. Other places to look include Facebook Marketplace and Mercari.

    The Verdict: Again, buying the costume is the most expensive option, but it also looks the cheapest. You’ll likely be better off creating your own costume — especially if you and your costume are going to be in the spotlight for any reason.

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    Last updated: Oct. 12, 2021 



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