Does FedEx Deliver on Christmas? What To Know Ahead of the Holidays

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Does FedEx deliver on Christmas? Unfortunately, the answer is “no.” FedEx facilities all across the United States do not deliver on Christmas. There is no pick-up and no delivery on Dec. 25. All FedEx employees have the right to take the day off.

Customers should be aware of key dates so that gifts can reach their destinations in time for Christmas. FedEx still does provide limited FedEx Express and Home Delivery services on Christmas Eve but since these services involve air transport only, they must be scheduled by Dec. 21 or for overnight service by Dec. 22 to be at their destinations for Christmas morning.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines with FedEx

Here are some helpful FedEx deadlines for customers to get their packages delivered to their destinations by Christmas 2022.

For regular ground and home delivery services, customers need to drop their packages off or have them picked up by the end of business hours — typically 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. — on Dec. 14. This is the date that FedEx sets for its customers’ packages to reach any of the 50 states from within the country. It may arrive well before Christmas if you’re shipping to a closer location. 

However, customers have the option to purchase express services as well as overnight services. The last day customers can use FedEx Same Day shipping and have packages arrive by Christmas is Dec. 23. This is helpful if it’s a last-minute send-off, but don’t forget that FedEx shipping rates for these premium services are significantly higher than FedEx’s standard delivery services.

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FedEx Express Saver is about a week faster than ordinary ground delivery and still more affordable than one- or two-day shipping. The last day to use FedEx Express Saver and still have packages arrive by Christmas is Dec. 20. This is the same date as three-day FedEx Freight services. 

Do Deliveries Happen on Christmas Eve?

FedEx isn’t the only option for package deliveries. The United States Postal Service is operational on Christmas Eve; however, each local branch has the autonomy to decide on its holiday hours. This means that local branches could have extended holiday hours, slightly altered hours or restricted hours on Christmas Eve. Each local branch should have a holiday schedule on its website or posted at the location. 

UPS will also be delivering packages on Christmas Eve. Just like USPS, locations might have altered holiday hours, so be sure to check with yours before making a trip or planning your deliveries.

Final Thoughts

Overall, to ensure FedEx packages make it to their destinations in time to be placed under the tree for Christmas morning, Dec. 14 is the safest bet. If price is no object, customers can opt for Express Saver, and the deadline would be Dec. 20. If customers must wait until Dec. 21 to ship, two-day service will get the job done. The best solution is to get holiday shopping and shipping done as early as possible, although a late present is definitely better than no present at all. 

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Information is accurate as of Dec. 8, 2022. 

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