Eco-Friendly Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals: Save Money and the Environment with These 5 Discounts

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The holidays are a time of turkey, tinsel, traditions — and trash. Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than any other time of year, according to research from Stanford University. The extra waste, much of it consisting of wrapping paper and ribbons, equals about 25 million tons of garbage.

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One way to offset the trash buildup is to reuse materials and recycle those you do use. Another way is to adopt a sustainable mindset when shopping for gifts. Numerous eco-friendly gift choices are available for Black Friday (Nov. 25), Cyber Monday (Nov. 28) and the rest of Cyber Week.

Here’s a look at five of them that were shared with GOBankingRates by Be Influential.

Bruvi: (discount code: FRIYAY): a single-serve brewing system that can brew seven different beverages. Its disposable Bruvi B-Pods are designed to break down faster and more substantially than untreated plastics through an organic process that leaves no microplastics. The sales price is $248 from Nov. 22-29, down from the regular price of $398.

Repurpose (discount code: BLACKFRIDAY40): Repurpose makes home products that are compostable and made entirely from plants, including plates, wine glasses, utensils and garbage bags. Take 40% off all items from Nov. 24-29.

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Nutr: The Nutr machine makes plant-based milks with no artificial ingredients that range from almond and oak milk to cashew, hemp, soy and coconut milk. The single-serving machine encourages sustainability by reducing waste and eliminating cartons. Discounts off the regular $169 price will be as follows: 15% off from Nov. 12-20; 25% off from Nov. 21-29 (including a $25 gift card when you buy on Sunday, Nov. 27); 35% off on Cyber Monday, Nov. 28. On Giving Tuesday (Nov. 29) Nutr will plant 10 trees for every purchase.

Rosy Soil Indoor Potting Mix (discount code: BLACKFRIDAY): Rosy bills itself as the first-ever earth-positive potting soil because it replaces peat moss with a mix of biochar, vegan compost and mycorrhizae. It comes in backyard compostable packaging. The sales price is $19.99 from Nov. 22-29, down from the regular price of $24.99.

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LastObject: This Danish brand aims to break single-use habits by creating sustainable alternatives to disposable items used daily, including Last Swab, which it calls the world’s first reusable cotton swab. Other zero-waste products include LastTissue (reusable tissues), LastRound (reusable cotton rounds) and LastPad (reusable menstrual pad). Get up to 40% off select products from Nov. 25-29.

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