Halloween Decorating on a Budget

Halloween is near and this holiday is a favorite for both children and adults. For countless years, many homes in suburban neighborhoods were set on competing for the title of “spookiest.” Good spirited fun is still in swing in 2009, except that more people are dedicated to the art of being crafty and making their own decorations instead of paying for the props.

There are tons of ideas for saving money on Halloween decorations that if done now, can provide you with spare cash, perfect for sticking into a high interest savings account. Instead of buying tons of future landfill bound items, families can bond over the following decorating and budget friendly ideas:

Head to the Dollar Store

Cost: $1 per item
Check out your dollar store where they too are cramming their shelves with holiday goodies. From orange and black balloons, crepe paper, rope and twine for nooses and toy spiders ghoulish goodies abound.

Use Quilt Batting for Cobwebs

Cost: $7 a bag
Make spooky cobwebs out of quilt batting! Craft stores carry this product by the boat loads and when stretched and draped around your home the material makes perfect cobwebs.

Hang Out at the Pumpkin Patch

Cost: $7-$10
Take the kids to the local pumpkin patch where for a set admission fee all the pumpkins and gourds that you can carry home and display around your house. Admission fees vary upon farm and area.

Make tombstones from cardboard

Cost: Free
Convert your empty cardboard boxes into tombstone cut outs for your lawn most everyone has boxes and magic markers laying around their homes.

Make Paper Mache Art Projects

Cost: $10
Those balloons you bought at the dollar store also make excellent molds for paper mache art projects such as long creepy snakes and scary pumpkins. All you need to provide is flour, water and newspaper and some acrylic paints and brushes for decorating.

Rent Halloween-themed Movies

Cost: Free
Visit your local library to check out movies perfect for showing at your Halloween gathering. Whether you want to play “Young Frankenstein” “Halloween” or classic monster thrillers, there are bound to be treasures on your local shelves.

Get Some Mood Lighting

Cost: $3
Tinted light bulbs can fit into any conventional lighting product (just double check wattage compatibility) and whether you choose blood red or trippy blue light, the mood will be instantly set.

Make Use of Food Coloring

Cost: $2
Festive and frightening meals are just a color away as with just a couple of drops of your favorite colors. Even standard macaroni and cheese can become a devilish delight.

Don’t Water Those Flowers

Cost: Free
Only during Halloween are dead flowers are welcome addition to set the mood and local graveyards are the perfect place to find appropriate options as the grounds are cleared weekly.

In life, experiences, not material possessions, will provide the greatest memories for the entire family. Why waste your hard earned cash on decorations that can only be used once a year and collect dust the rest of the time. By taking all that extra cash you saved and safely storing it in interest bearing savings accounts, only the season, not your finances, will have you properly and rightfully spooked!